Today’s Stoudemire update

February 16th, 2010 by John Krolik

-First off: OVERWHELMING response from people interested in helping out with the links. I love the enthusiasm. I’ll get back to all of you guys, but maybe not until after the deadline, because I am insanely busy right now.

-Here’s the latest on trades:

Right now, the picture I’m getting is that the Cavs have the Amar’e offer on the table, the Suns want a better one from another team, and the Cavs are waiting on the Suns to crack. They’re fairly confident, as they’re the only team that can get Phoenix under the luxury tax.

There were reports that the Cavs were interested in dealing Shaq for Jamison and Mike Miller. There were later reports that the initial reports were crap.

Apparently, the Cavs do have some interest in Corey Maggette, although Windhorst says he’s “down the list.

Wojnarowski says that the most recent Jamison rumor has the Cavs sending Jamario Moon, Z’s contract, and a #1 pick for Jamison and Mike James. It’s unclear if the Cavs would prefer an Amar’e deal or a deal for Jamison.

Alright, that’s all I have for now. Life may return to normal in a couple of days, but right now everything’s changing by the minute.