As the Amare turns and other thoughts

February 16th, 2010 by John Krolik

First off: I am officially overworked, and an afternoon post is going to be an issue. It’s time to open things up a bit. Links To The Present is what I want to keep; if you have a big-league Google Reader, some free time during the middle of the day, and don’t mind doing the dirty work, I’d like to get to know you. The email is Experience a plus, whether it’s writing, commenting, or regular posts on a message board.

Your Amar’e updates for the day:

-Windhorst dispels some rumors in his post. First off, the Cavs have not confirmed that they are willing to move Ilgauskas and Hickson for Murphy if they can’t get an Amar’e deal done. Also, they haven’t made an offer for Jamison, and are waiting to see how things turn out with Amar’e. Also, Amar’e is more than open to the idea of playing in Cleveland, and tweeted that he thinks he plays better with Shaq.

-Terry Pluto wonders if Stoudemire is worth the risk.

-Bill Livingston says that Stoudemire is indeed worth the risk.

-Your tweet of the day comes from Nate Jones: “Report: clippers have traded clipper Darrell for Benny the Bull. Dunleavy was impressed by Benny’s toughness in front of Jay-z this sat.” I would beĀ devastatedĀ if the Clippers ever let go of Clipper Darrell.

-Windhorst also reports that LeBron is eager for a “big role” in the upcoming labor talks. Given that one of the biggest bummers of a lockout would be canceling out one of LeBron’s prime years, I hope he’s doing everything he can to prevent a lockout.

J.A. Adande shows some numbers supporting Stoudemire’s claim that he plays better with Shaq.

Alright, that’s all for tonight. Who else can’t wait for this trade deadline to pass?