Amare Update and All-Star Thoughts, Part Two

February 14th, 2010 by John Krolik

-Windhorst has the latest on Amare, saying that LeBron is firmly in favor of getting Amare, the Cavs can’t offer the best talent but can offer the most financial help, and that Windhorst is wary of how many shots Stoudemire will need.

-On ESPN, Chad Ford says that the Suns would prefer to deal with a team who could give them more talent in return for Stoudemire, and would only do a deal with the Cavs as a “last resort.”

-Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, whose name I can now spell from memory, says that the Cavs are currently the “frontrunner” to acquire Stoudemire’s services.

-Dwight Howard would like Shaq to back off the Superman stuff. Has nobody mentioned that Howard named himself after the Soulja Boy song (language and content of  linked article R-rated), not the superhero? That should factor into this somehow, I feel.

On the rest of the All-Star Game:

-LeBron+great players+open-court game+lazy passing=dunk-fest. He was taking over the transition game without really trying that hard.

-I think LeBron and Wade looked just fine playing off of each other.

-LeBron did go 2-12 from outside the paint, and did revert to some LeISO play on an All-Star team. Wade deserved the MVP.

-On some level, I feel like you don’t want three All-Star MVPs before winning a ring. Could end up being detractor feed.

-Biggest TV in the history of the known universe, and Deron Williams still couldn’t see the score.

-Between the performance of the girl singing the Canadian National Anthem at the Opening Ceremonies (she killed it), and Usher attempting to sing “Yeah” live tonight, this weekend has been a sustained argument for the value of lip-synching. Don’t fight it. Don’t question whether they’re really singing or not. I leave you with Michael Jackson at Motown 25. Don’t tell me that he’s not lip-synching, or that having him lip-synch wasn’t the exact right decision.