Amare Update and All-Star Thoughts

February 13th, 2010 by John Krolik

Via Windhorst, here’s the latest on Amare and the other rumors:

” Sources have indicated the Cavs have gotten “pretty far down the tracks” in talking to the Suns about Stoudemire. It has even gotten to the point that the sides have discussed small details like payment schedules and salary reimbursement options. At this time of year, because many contracts are pro-rated differently, there are such things to work out in a trade.

Also, a source said that James has signed off on trading for Stoudemire. The two spent time talking during the All-Star practice session Saturday morning. When asked about the Cavs rumors, Stoudemire responded with a “no comment.”

On Friday when asked which players Stoudemire would pick for a dream lineup he listed: Shaquille O’Neal, James, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Two, of course, play for the Cavs now.”

Sounds like things are getting serious. Windhorst also mentions that the Cavs are looking into shooting guard possibilities, are looking for a third team, and remain interested in Jamison and Murphy.

Here are a few thoughts from All-Star Saturday, which I watched all of:

-Damon Jones’ coat has been replaced by Darryl Dawkins’ coat.

-Shannon Brown is the Danica Patrick of the dunk contest.

-Nate Robinson did notĀ receiveĀ a trophy. That was a memorial.

-LeBron wouldn’t have gained much by winning this contest, but he would’ve won easily. was available before tonight. It isn’t anymore.

-Still available:

-Watching Rondo and Durant trade threes was strangely enthralling.