Other Bench Options?

November 14th, 2012 by Kevin Hetrick

On Monday, I wrote about possible options to improve the Cavs rotation / bench play.  Sometime contributor Tom Pestak requested that I mention my free agent target from this summer: Derrick Brown.  As best I can tell, he is still unemployed after getting cut by the Spurs in training camp.  While I have not seen alot of his play (who was watching Charlotte last season?), over three years, he has totalled 2500 NBA minutes, with every readily-available advanced stat indicating respectable performance.  PER, Adjusted plus / minus, Win Shares per 48 minutes, Wins Produced, the opponent PER stuff at 82 games.com, WARP; each indicates that the Xavier-alum has performed acceptably through his young career.  Plus the Ohio ties, hailing from Dayton.


Why can’t he find a job then?  I don’t know; he is young, cheap, athletic, plays two positions, and produces.  Maybe he’s a knucklehead?  Anyways, some competition for Casspi, Miles and Walton is certainly warranted, and Luke Harangody appears to be un-used roster space.  Let’s add “Buy out Big Luke and sign DERRICK BROWN!!!” as #7 on my list from yesterday.

(Tom also wants to call attention to Chris Wright, recently of the University of Dayton and more recently playing garbage-time last year for the Golden State Warriors.  He notched an 18.6 PER, thanks to strong rebounding and a huge propensity to draw fouls.  He’s available, and must currently be more capable than Walton.)