Uncle Drew Part 2 and a Blast from the Past

October 31st, 2012 by Tom Pestak

Uncle Drew got in touch with an old friend and mentor before bringing an old teammate back for more buckets.

Later he gave Stephen A. Smith an inside look at why he chooses to run with the young bloods.


Tonight was Halloween and it felt like half of the characters in the Lakers/Blazers game were dressed up as Cavs throwbacks. Consider:

-It’s another slow start to a season for Mike Brown. (0-2)
-Antawn Jamison posted a game low -20 +/-
-JJ Hickson battled Dwight Howard throughout the game

But then the best costume emerged around 12:29est.



Here’s what happened:

Happy Halloween from 2012 Sasha Pavlovic - dressed as 2007 Sasha Pavlovic

There are two possible explanations.  1.) Uncle Drew met with him at halftime and told him that age was just a state of mind and Sasha convinced himself it was 2007.  2.) His father Dusan was at the game.

Thanks to the missed FT which was completely intentional, Sasha leads the NBA once again in the most young bloodish of all stats: [3PFG% minus FT%].  The 3 point line’s a gimmick, Sasha!  Rebound and get back on D.