Links To The Present: February 4th, 2010

February 4th, 2010 by John Krolik

-Windhorst with a must-listen podcast on the trade deadline and other issues. Included: That the 76ers made an offer for Iguodala, that the Pacers are no fun to deal with, that the Cavs don’t trust the Wizards, the Cavs question Amare’s attitude, and much more.

-LeBron James is the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission pro athlete of the year. WFNY was there.

-Chad Ford with a list of impact players most likely to be traded. Amare is #1, Murphy is #2, Iguodala is #5, and Jamison has fallen to #9.

-John Hollinger breaks down some Amare scenarios. The Cavs are included as a possible destination.

-Via Chad Ford’s Twitter, the Suns evidently offered Amare for Iguodala and Dalembert’s expiring.

-How a formula could think Gerald Wallace is more valuable than LeBron James, and why.

-Cleveland season ticket holders have to renew in March.