Not a Recap: Cleveland 82, Indiana 100

October 24th, 2012 by Nate Smith

Call Malone. We're mailing this one in.

So due to unforeseen circumstances and no options to actually watch the game on the moving picture box last night, we’ll not be posting a recap.  Here’s the ESPN recap and box score. I think they cared about as much as we did. has some video highlights, which include a couple monster slams from Gee.  Michael Curry at had a good running thoughts thread of the game.  It did not paint a pretty picture.  By his account, Kyrie looked like a ball hog, and the team looked tired and irritated with each other.  The good guys lost, and the starting lineup was shuffled again.

The good news though, is that Tyler Zeller started and played well, and held Hibbert to just 4 points with his physical play, and chipped in 13 and 7 boards.  The Alonzo Gee we all remember from the last two years is back to stealing lazy passes to the wing, and then flushing them.  It’s nice to see him fill up the box score again… There wasn’t much else of note: Waiters was 4/14, but had a couple nice dimes, and no turnovers.  Kyrie was an inefficient 8/21, and the bench was anemic.  6 Cavs didn’t play, and Casspi only got in for 8 minutes.  What are we to take from this?  Zeller looked like an NBA player, Gee appears to be back, and Indiana looks really deep.

So now that that is out of the way, we can thank the stars that preseason is over, and concentrate on the matter at hand.  The question du jour for Cavs fans is, “what is the starting lineup and rotation going to look like?”  My pick is: Kyrie, Miles, Casspi, TT, and Andy starting with Zeller, Gee, Waiters, Gibson, and Leuer/Samuels backing them up in order of priority.  But it’s anyone’s guess at this point.  I thought Miles looked his best in preseason starting at the 2, and that Casspi earned a shot at being at least a token starter.  Hopefully the team picks one soon and the guys get used to playing with each other because by all accounts, they looked lost last night.  Tell us what your lineup and rotation would be, and why.  Best comment wins a free year of CavsTheBlog.