Link to the Present: D-Day, or probably just Dion-day

October 11th, 2012 by Kevin Hetrick

Nice interview by Brendan Bowers with Dion Waiters after Tuesday’s game.  I like what Dion has to say; basically that he is still getting comfy with the play book, that he needs to keep his confidence up and find ways to impact the game even when shots aren’t falling.

I do have a few thoughts on Coach Scott’s desire for Dion to learn offense off the ball.  Obviously, I one-million-percent support Kyrie Irving as the center point of the team.  That said, the success of this franchise moving forward relies in part on both guards functioning as maestros of the pick-and-roll and on-ball wizards.

Can Waiters play back-up point guard this year?  If I have to watch Jeremy Pargo or Donald Sloan play 1000 minutes and post a single-digit PER, while reading stories all season about Dion struggling to find his place in the offense…I will become violently ill.  Slargo should be battling for third string point guard duties, while Dion experiences a bevy of on-ball chances when Kyrie sits 12 minutes a game.  That is the future.  Dion would also play 15 minutes every night with our reigning-ROY, as they master the backcourt-of-tomorrow thing.

To some extent, I would not mind if every minute that Daniel Gibson played this year was next to Dion.  Saint Weirdo could carry the point offensively, while depending on match-ups, either could potentially guard the opposing ‘two’.  A line-up of Waiters – Gibson – Miles – Leuer – Varejao might be fun for ten minutes; possibly the best non-Kyrie ball movement lineup available.  Dion and Leuer could pick & pop, with Andy rolling & cutting, and Miles providing some slashing & iso-shooting.  Boobie stands in the corner and drains threes when they develop.

Well, that is a bit of a ramble, but digest some food for thought on the subject of Cleveland playing D-League back-up point guards while we all internally tussle with Dion trying to find his place.