Links To The Present: January 22nd, 2010

January 22nd, 2010 by John Krolik

-Delonte West will miss the Cavs’ next game with a fractured left ring finger. I think Delonte will be back on the court soon, but wonder if the injury will have a lingering impact on his shooting touch. He’s only started to get confident from beyond the arc in the last week or two.

-The current plan is that Boobie Gibson will start the next game at the point for the Cavs. Things can change just that fast in this league.

Cedric Jackson of the Erie Bayhawks has been called up to give the Cavs some point guard help. He’s putting up some nice numbers for Erie, but hasn’t been a tremendously efficient scorer.

-Shoals writes about Kobe/LeBron on FanHouse.

-Also on Fanhouse, Tom Ziller wonders how much the Cavs are really going to miss Mo Williams.

-Who told LeBron to go to the hole just before he made his fast-break layup? Shaq.

-Finally, LeBron rapping along to the last verse of “Forever” just before he had to take crucial free throws in last night’s game has turned into one of LeBron’s patented mini-controversies. If Varejao hadn’t rebounded LeBron’s missed free throw, it would probably be a bigger deal.

I mention this only so that I can talk about my bigger issue with LeBron and “Forever,” one of my favorite songs of the summer. (Warning: R-Rated language in music video) In the music video of the song, why is LeBron playing video poker in a limo? Of the 15 seconds LeBron appears on camera in the video, they honestly couldn’t think of anything else for him to do? What is the possible message he hopes to send by showing him playing pocket fours against strangers online?

At some point during the making of this video, people talked about this, right? A director, LeBron, and other people sat down and came to the decision that LeBron should lead off the music video by playing online poker. That’s what you do when you’re on top of the world? What were the other choices they considered? LeBron playing Farmville? This has been bothering me for months. Not since “Dunk Contests are Bourgeois” has LeBron left me this completely confused.