Links to the Present: August 3rd, 2012

August 3rd, 2012 by Kevin Hetrick

For those with ESPN Insider access, Neil Paine attempted to project Dream Team 2016. Among his group of “very likely” players on that squad: six of the current NBA’s 10 biggest superstars…plus Kyrie Irving.  That Kyrie Irving; he is really good.

Hoopsworld provides a rundown of the capspace and exceptions remaining for each NBA team. Leading the way with the most remaining cap flexibility are the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Time to start scouring the lists of 2013 free agents.  What player does not want to sign up with an organization sitting on money to burn that is fronted by Team USA’s point guard of the future?

UPDATE: C.J. Miles is going to join the Cavs on a two-year deal. (No word yet re: dollar amount.)  The free agents are already lining up at the Q…