Obligatory “Dan Gilbert Tweets After the Heat Win the Finals” Post

June 22nd, 2012 by Colin McGowan

Via Dan Gilbert’s Twitter:

Great NBA season. Enjoyed playoffs. Congratulations to Miami & OKC for an exciting Finals. Back to work on next weeks promising Cavs draft.

It’s a polite tweet. It notably doesn’t acknowledge that LeBron and the Heat won the NBA title, but it’s polite nonetheless. I also enjoyed this NBA season. (Though not as much as last year. The lockout hurt the quality of play during the regular season, and the playoffs got off to a rough start due to all the early injuries. Regardless, the Conference and NBA Finals were terrific. A really high level of basketball was on display during those series.) I’m very sad it’s over. I use the summer as an opportunity to recede fully into my other interests, but I’m not sure I like anything more than watching, thinking about, and writing about the best basketball league in the world. I’ll be a happier person when late October arrives, and I can watch the NBA three to five nights a week.

I’m not going to comment extensively on this tweet or the implications of this Miami title. (Trust, I’ve written enough about LBJ, indirectly or otherwise.) If it’s any consolation to you, The Blog readers, I make a very conscious choice, when Bron-related things happen, to write or not write about them. My decision is usually based on whether or not I feel I have something valuable or interesting to add to the conversation; mostly because I’m aware of how strange it is to write about a player who left one’s team two full years ago, regardless of the inextricable ties he has to the Cavalier organization. After mulling things over a bit, I have nothing unique or of substance to say about LeBron’s first title, at least not in the context of a blog about the Cleveland Cavaliers. But I’m also aware this Heat Finals victory is an event that makes some Cavs fans angry/sad/conflicted/etc., and so I feel obligated to provide you guys with a space to talk about it.

Do me a favor, though: keep it civil in the comment section. As much as “[expletive] LeBron” might be cathartic, it’s not terribly intelligent or useful.