Links To The Present: January 20th, 2010

January 20th, 2010 by John Krolik


Tons and tons of links to get to today and I have class at one, so let’s get down to it:

-Xs-and-Os whiz and tragic Nets blogger Sebastian Pruiti has two must-read breakdowns involving the Cavs on today. The first one breaks down some successful offensive sets for the Cavs, including my favorite play ever. (Sebastian calls it “Using the Pick & Roll as a Decoy” in his post.) The second one is about how big men who can shoot can hurt the Cavs by preying on Varejao’s tendency to commit to providing help.

-Sports Guy with a column up on LeBron. Good stuff. I’m impressed that by calling the Kobe-LeBron argument “dead” and playing the “LeBron needs a post game and doesn’t want it badly enough” card, he may well have enraged fans on both sides.

-I’m with everyone else on this Shaq dunk contest thing: I like it in principle, but Kobe and Vince? Kobe averages less than a dunk per game, and Vince averages less than half a dunk per game. Those guys do not have the springs to be doing dunk contests anymore.

-The Hawks’ protest has been denied.

-Top ten TrueHoop network posts of the year. I’m on the list, but you should check it out anyways. In all seriousness, it’s definitely an honor to be included with those other bloggers and posts.

-Also on TrueHoop is a great interview with Grizzlies stat geek Aaron Barzilai.

-Kobe #1, LeBron #2, Shaq #9 on the list of the best-selling NBA jerseys.

-New Windhorst podcast.

-Terry Pluto on the meeting between LeBron and Jim Brown.

Whew. Told you there were a lot of links. Until later, folks.