Preview: Raptors at Cavs, January 19th

January 19th, 2010 by John Krolik

Relevant Statistics:

Pace: Raptors 95.4 (13th) vs. Cavs 93.3 (28th)

Offensive Efficiency: Raptors 108.1 (4th) vs. Cavs 108.1 (5th)

Defensive Efficiency: Raptors 109.5 (30th) vs. Cavs 100.4 (4th)


-The Raptors have been hot over their last 10 games, but they still have the worst defense in the league. Cavs shouldn’t be afraid to try and score the ball in this one.

-Every possession Hickson guards Chris Bosh is asking for trouble.

-Last time these two teams played, the Cavs were still trying to use Shaq to set screens out on the perimeter. As a result, they got the worse of the Bargnani/Shaq mismatch. Let’s see if they’ve adjusted how they use Shaq for this one. A good measuring stick game for Shaq tonight.

-Jose Calderon does not play defense. An opportunity for Mo Williams to get out of his recent semi-funk tonight.

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