Cavs Offer Entire Draft to Hornets, Who Laugh and Hang Up

June 11th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

From the PD’s Cavs Twitter:

ESPN Insider Chad Ford says NO told ‪#Cavs no thanks when CLE reportedly offered Nos. 4, 24, 33 and 34 for No. 1. Can’t blame ’em for trying.

I mean, obviously. Word is the Cavs are exploring their options as far as dealing the fourth pick (perhaps in a package that includes their 24th and/or two second-round selections) to move either down (the Blazers have the 6th and 11th picks) or up (the Bobcats might be willing to deal the 2nd pick). Hearsay is all we have at our disposal, really. It seems logical to me that the Cavs would look to move somewhere in this draft. If they want Barnes or Lamb, like some have surmised, then they can probably still get one of them with a lower selection, and if they’re set on getting Beal or MKG (especially MKG), they’ll likely have to move up.