Draft day Maybes

May 31st, 2012 by Kevin Hetrick

After the lottery, there is a lot going on at Cavs:the Blog.  Please don’t miss Colin’s reactions to the lottery from last night, or the request for podcast questions right below this.

I was often in a group saying that good management and decision making will trump draft position, especially over the long haul.  For every Oklahoma City Thunder, there are ten teams that had three picks in the first half of the lottery in three straight years and did almost nothing with that.  I’ll also note that OKC picked #4 and #24 in 2008, when they grabbed Russ Westrbrook and Serge Ibaka.  As you’re surely aware, the Cavs pick #4 and #24 this year.  With that as intro, a few developments that would / could make draft day positive.

Maybe Washington or Charlotte talks themselves into Drummond, and Beal slips to #4.

Maybe Perry Jones III dominates MKG in a few June workouts, resulting in one of the aformentioned teams picking him as their SF of the future over the UK star.

Maybe Cleveland can trade up or down.  Several people are noting the Trail Blazers as a potential target, with the #6 and #11 picks.  The Cavs give themselves two chances to add high quality players, potentially filling holes at the wing and in the frontcourt.

Maybe the Cavs looks hard at PJ3 or Drummond and decide their “motor” issues are fixable…and the Cavs select one of them as a future star at #4.

Anyways, I’m not trying to make this too long, but wanted to shine a ray of sunlight on a day when Cleveland has wrapped up their third top-4 pick in two years.  It’s now up to Cavs management to make the most of it and build the City’s next contender.