Links to the Present: Draft Lottery Edition

May 28th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

“[One] reason the Cavs like to acquire assets such as these are to be able to package them to make deals. In addition to trying to use them to move up, there are also teams such as New York or the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers that don’t have a first-round pick and might be interested in parting with a player for a pick or two. Of course, as the Cavs showed last year, they don’t mind drafting a player knowing he will continue to play overseas for a while. So right now, I think the Cavs, and most NBA teams, are looking at all their options.” [Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“Ryan Blake, senior director of NBA scouting operations, has no problem with Beal being just 6-3. ‘He’s listed as 6-5, but he’s 6-3,’ Blake said in a telephone interview. ‘He plays bigger than that. He can play a couple positions. He can handle the ball. He’s a good defender. He’s not a great outside shooter. He’s someone who can get inside and is fearless. He has a high (basketball) IQ. He lets the game come to him. He can step up when he needs to.'” [Bob Finnan]

“Obviously, it’s always more important to get the first piece. You can’t build anything without a foundation. But where you go next with that foundation is what defines your success as a franchise. I trust the folks doing the building, and sometimes, thanks to the bounce of a ping pong ball, these decisions take care of themselves. But the pressure is still there for Gilbert and Chris Grant, and while it’s early, the clock is always ticking. This is a momentous opportunity to wind it back a bit. With four selections, including a potential top 3 pick, this is the time to seize the dream of the ‘OKC model.'” [Brendan of WFNY]

And a programming note: as many of you know, the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery is Wednesday evening (8 PM EST). I’ll have a post up immediately after the Cavs’ selection has been announced, so you guys can feel free to turn that thing into a comment thread where you debate Kidd-Gilchrist vs. Beal, yell about Anthony Davis, or try to talk yourselves into Andre Drummond or PJ3. We’ll also, since we will finally know where (and possibly whom) the Cavs will be picking, start shifting our attention toward the draft. Mallory will put together a podcast or two; I’ll write a couple draft-related longform-y things; and Kevin will continue to provide you with in-depth pre-draft stuff. These are exciting times in Cavsland. Get excited, or, if you’re like me, all clammy-handed and nervous.