Cavs take round one in Ramon Sessions trade

May 22nd, 2012 by Kevin Hetrick

With the Lakers 2nd round playoff loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday, Round 1 of the Ramon Sessions trade is in the books.  And Cleveland’s winning.  In 12 playoff games, Ramon posted an 8.5 PER and was worth negative win shares.  Meanwhile, the Cavs plummeted to the third best lottery odds.

Despite the Cavs having the trade up-against-the-ropes, it’s still too early to predict a knockout.  Still to come:

Round 2: Does Cleveland land a rotation player at #24 in this year’s draft?

Round 3: Does Ramon pick up his player option for 2012 – 2013?  If not, does he re-sign with the Lakers and for how much?  (Despite the imagery of “winning” the trade based on Ramon’s non-success, Cavs: the Blog wishes him the best for the remainder of his career.)

Round 4: Can the Cavs package Luke Walton’s expiring contract at the trade deadline for something worthwhile?  Or do they just pay Walton $6.1 million for “veteran leadership”?

Round 5:  How does LAL finish next year?  Can Cleveland land a valuable piece with LA’s 2013 first rounder?

Alot of blows still to be exchanged, but so far, so good for Chris Grant and  company.