Kyrie Irving Likes Musicals

May 18th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

From an interview with GQ:

GQ: What’s a good movie that GQ readers should check out based on Kyrie’s recommendation?
Kyrie Irving:
SafehouseChronicleOzDreamgirls, Rent

GQ: Rent?
Kyrie Irving:
Yeah, Dreamgirls and Rent. I probably know all the words to the songs of Rent. Honestly.

GQ: Didn’t take you for much of a musicals kind of guy.
Kyrie Irving:
Yep. Rent, Wicked, Lion King

The interview is a short, pleasant read. I don’t remember if I’ve talked about this on The Blog, but one of the cool things about this rebuild is that we are getting to know new people. (In the way that fans “get to know” athletes, which is obviously different from meeting someone at a bar or whatever.) Kyrie seems like a smart, engaging guy. As he and the Cavaliers (hopefully) improve over the next half-decade, it’ll be interesting to start to understand his personality, idiosyncrasies, motivation, etc. That he likes Rent is kind of a stomach punch, though.