Playoff Preview Podcast with Mark Neal

April 18th, 2015 by Tom Pestak

Hung out with my friend Mark Neal in studio and we dove into all the playoff matchups.  Give it a listen and get pumped for the playoffs.  It’s time.

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April 17th, 2015 by Nate Smith


This is a really exciting weekend for us here at Cavs the Blog. Not only are the Cavs in the playoffs for the first time in four years, but guess what? After lots of requests, and lots of hard work by our staff and selected consultants we’re proud to release your official 2015 Cavs: the blog t-shirts! Now if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll note that we’ve only ever had two ads. A StubHub ad and a video scroll bar for ESPN (both are mandated by the ESPN TrueHoop network). That’s right. We work for free and have never asked you for a thing. But we’re asking you to buy a T-Shirt. Why? Well, a few reasons.
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Here’s how it works. The awesome folks over at handle all the details. We just put up the design, and aggregate our orders for two weeks, so that they can print all the shirts at once. In honor of Lauren Hill’s jersey, No. 22, Shirts are priced at a reasonable $22 ($5 shipping). You just give them your size and where you want it shipped! (Don’t worry. I’m working on international shipping. I’ll have it working by the beginning of next week, but it might cost a little more). Also, special thanks to the folks at for the wordcloud ap.

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If you don’t know who Lauren Hill is, Lauren was a teenager and basketball player from the Cincinnati area who passed away from a terminal brain tumor earlier this month. Only 19, she was able to live out her dream of being a college basketball player for Mount St. Joseph university. Her courage has inspired people around the world, including many around the NBA, and in the Cavs organization. LeBron James penned a moving tribute to her on Twitter, earlier this week.

Lauren co-founded the charity, “The Cure Starts Now” which seeks to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer, and supports its victims and their families. You can read more about Lauren, here. Please know that we didn’t decide to give to this cause out of a desire to attach ourselves out of any desire to increase our own exposure. Rather, we wanted to make t-shirts, and this was the absolute best thing we thought we could do with the money.

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Fantasy Notebook: And We Have A Winner!

April 16th, 2015 by Robert Attenweiler


This was a spirited first year of Cavs: The Fantasy League, one that pitted your favorite Cavs: The Blog writers against (well, each other… as well as) your favorite Cavs: The Blog readers. There were ups and down, smiles and frowns… but, in the end, there can only be one winner and I come here today to present that winner to you.

Congratulations to Evil Genius and his Team Evil Genius on capturing the first inaugural CtFL championship trophy. In what will surely go down as an Instant Fantasy Classic, EG’s team prevailed over Nate Smith’s Team Stark Delly Treys.

Box Score


And, yes, you’re seeing that right: the margin of victory was pretty darn close in some categories: four wins, four blocks, 1.02% in field goals. Heck, they even tied on rebounds. Nate’s gonna be licking those wounds for some time now. But that, as we all know, is how the playoff cookie crumbles.

Take a bow, EG! Nate, you may take a slightly more hesitant (but no less well-earned) bow, as well. These are your bloggers, my friends. And they kept on fighting ’till the end. You can see the road to the final two, here, while you queue up a rendition of “One Shining Moment.”

The battle for third place also came down to the final day of action, with my own Team Waiters Invaders eventually — though, narrowly — edging out Team Grover 13
. (Correction: due to statistical updates, Grover now appears to be the winner. We’ll see if this holds).


Good job, again, to EG and Nate— and to all who participated in the inaugural CtFL. Now, go rest up, take your family on a European vacation (or several) and I’ll see you back here next October.


Recap: Cavs 113, Wizards 108 (or, A FAN-tastic Finish!)

April 16th, 2015 by EvilGenius

[First, before you dive headlong into this recap, do yourself a favor and listen to the epic, highly entertaining and informative Cavs: The Podcast Episode 64: 2014-2015, Season of Wow.]

Congratulations to the Central Division Champion, 2014-15 edition of the Cleveland Cavaliers!

A regular season campaign that started five months, two weeks and two days ago with one of the biggest celebrations the City of Cleveland has ever witnessed, has finally concluded with the Cavs winning 53 games versus 29 losses (a win total that once seemed nearly unattainable after a 19-20 start to the year).

Through early downs and recent ups, through devastating injuries and monumental trades, through media scrutiny and bowling trips, through fitting in and fitting out, the one thing that resonated clearly by the end of this regular season is that this team has quite successfully fit together. And speaking of “fitting,” what a fitting ending game number 82 was in honor of Fan Appreciation Night at the Q.

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Podcast Episode 64: 2014-2015, Season of Wow

April 16th, 2015 by Nate Smith

On the heels of a fantastic final day of regular season NBA play, we commissioned four of our finest voices to produce an epic podcast discussing the epic 82 game season we just witnessed. It’s been a long six months since October, and as Tom said, this was really three seasons in one, and now we’re on to our fourth. Mallory, Tom, David, and I look back on this season and preview the playoffs in this pod. We tackle the tough questions with our own brand of humor and and insight. Who will the Cavs challengers be? Who’s going to come out of the West? Will it be anyone but the Cavs or Hawks in the East? What were the season’s defining moments? Who does Mallory think the most “beautiful person on the planet” is? What beer have you been drinking lately? Oh, and there’s a big unveil towards the end. It’s, as always, an entertaining and informative listen — if we do say so ourselves.

You can listen above, or on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Live Thread: Cavs vs. Wizards (Fan Appreciation Night Version)

April 15th, 2015 by EvilGenius


Yes Cavs fans, it’s the last game of the regular season. The Cavs are resting LeBron and keeping Kyrie and his hip on a minutes restriction, but the rest of your favorite wearers of the Wine & Gold will be out on the floor.

Before you dive headlong into playoff mode, take this last respite to reflect on this awesome regular season. Then… bring on the Celtics!

The Point Four-ward: A Merciful End to the Regular Season

April 15th, 2015 by Robert Attenweiler


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers on the final day of the 2014-15 NBA regular season…

1.) While the Celtics won’t be pushovers in the first round, it’s clear why the Cavs would prefer to play a relatively young Boston team over a resurgent (until the last two games, anyway) Brooklyn team and a Pacers team who have given the Cavs problems all year and just got their star player, Paul George, back for the stretch run and likely beyond.

The Celtics are hot at exactly the right time. Winners of four straight and seven of the last ten, head coach Brad Stevens’ squad ranks third in points per game (111.5), third in assists per game (26.3) and first in steals (13.3) over the ten game span prior to Tuesday night’s game against Toronto.

Also, in the month of April the Celtics have been allowing only 97.4 points per 100 possessions, good for fifth best in the league. They feature a dangerous scorer in Isaiah Thomas (20.7 points and 5.5 assists in April) and some lively big bodies in Brandon Bass and former Cavalier Tyler Zeller to go along with an absolutely dogged perimeter defense led by Avery Bradley and rookie Marcus Smart.

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Recap: Cavs 109, Pistons 97 (or, That Was, Like, Fun…*)

April 14th, 2015 by EvilGenius

Like most of us… LeBron is just itching to start the playoffs.

[*Alternate title courtesy of C:tB commenter Joey B]

The Cavs got one step closer to the second season with a win in game number 81 over the lottery-bound Pistons. This contest was like a welcome breath of fresh air after the pungent stink of the Boston sandwich from this past weekend. All five starters began the game on the floor, and played like the well-oiled machine that shredded the league for the last three months. The only real negative takeaway from this one was the tightening up of Kyrie’s hip, which caused him to leave the game at halftime (he would not return due to precautionary measures), and was a bucket of cold water on an otherwise positive night at the Q.

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Live Thread: Cavs vs. Pistons

April 13th, 2015 by EvilGenius

Will Cavs fire on all cylinders against the Pistons? More importantly, will anyone care?

The Cavs come into this critical contest, having dropped their last two and hoping to avoid their longest losing streak since January against the feisty Pistons… oh wait, it’s not the playoffs yet? <stifled yawn>

Okay, let’s start again… The Cavs, after a weekend holiday against the Celtics where they generously rested their starters to make sure Boston would be their first round opponent to get them ready for the playoffs, will be back to full strength tonight against a Detroit team coming off one of their biggest wins in what was once a promising campaign. Welcome to the penultimate wind-down game to the 2014-15 season.

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Recap: Boston 117, Cleveland 78 (or, that’s no clover; that’s a buzzsaw)

April 13th, 2015 by Nate Smith

AP Photo/Steven Senne

The Cleveland Cavaliers, sans Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith and LeBron James hung with the playoff hungry Boston Celtics for all of one quarter before the effects of missing four starters were too much to overcome. The Cavs imploded in the second period, when they turned the ball over eight times, and the Celtics ran rampant for 34-9 rout in 12 minutes.

Not surprisingly, the Cavs were unable to make up the 76.5 points per game that their four missing starters provide, and were outscored 62-47 in second half as well. Of course, the Cavs had little to play for with the second seed in the East sewn up, and the chance to rest their starters couldn’t be passed up. In a game like this, one must ignore the score and look for the silver linings in the clouds.

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