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So how does the 2014 – 2015 Salary Cap situation look now?

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Next off-season has frequently been mentioned as the time to sell a big name free agent on:

  • Playing with Kyrie,
  • Joining a young, up-and-coming team that just made the playoffs for the first time (hopeful thinking), and
  • a maximum contract

After the signing of Jarrett Jack, how is the Cavs’ cap situation shaping up?


A Brief Statistical Primer on Jarrett Jack

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Things are heating up in free agency.  Cleveland is set to snag Jarrett Jack with a 4 year, $25 million contract.  Three years are guaranteed; Jack’s age 30, 31 and 32 seasons.  Many people weren’t expecting a long-term contract this summer, but this veteran combo-guard probably rated highly on many fan’s off-season wish lists.  Jack provides a durable combo-guard to spell Kyrie and Dion, and much needed shooting.

A few facts and stats:


Cavaliers Dole out Four-Year Deal to Jarrett Jack

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

The Cavaliers made a splash in FA today, agreeing to a four-year deal for veteran point guard Jarrett Jack.  The deal is being reported for $25 million with a team option for the 4th year.  This move solidifies the backup point guard spot that the Cavaliers were badly lacking.  It also adds a veteran presence to a very young team.  Jack has been around the league.  The Cavaliers will be his 6th team in 8 years. Jack had a memorable post-season performance but he played well all season as a capable backup to Stephen Curry.

Jack can shoot.  Much like Mo Williams, he can score from just about anywhere and is one of the few players that shoots well enough from mid-range to justify firing a lot of mid-range shots.

Jack is currently in his prime, and at 29 years old, he should keep up his current production for at least 2 more years.  That the 4th year is a team option is good for the Cavaliers.  Jack is pretty durable, and his presence should mitigate any disastrous losing streaks should the Cavaliers star players find themselves on the injured list.

The Cavaliers say farewell to Shaun Livingston, who was signed today by the Brooklyn Nets.  Livingston played very well during his time with the Cavaliers and was a big part of the Cavaliers “fun February”.

2013 Free Agency Paralysis: It’s All About Next Summer

Friday, July 5th, 2013

One week or so into the 2013 NBA free agency madness and one thing is eminently clear: the Cavs are playing this for next summer.  The wisdom of handicapping the team’s effectiveness in 2013 for the chance to get LeBron James in 2014 can be debated ad naseum, but it’s becoming increasingly evident that this is the plan.  Don’t kill the messenger.

Yes, I know, Dan Gilbert promised us improvement.  Nick Gilbert said he didn’t want to be on the lottery podium next year.  Mr. Gilbert is as impulsive as they come.  When the season ended, his internal thought bubbles probably read in comic sans, “I can’t watch the Cavs lose anymore. I can’t watch Byron Scott with his arms folded any more. We’ve got to make the playoffs next year.” I admire Gilbert’s passion.  But as the weeks after the lottery passed, I think Chris Grant wore him down.  In classic Rick Pitino fashion, Grant said, “Dwight Howard’s not walking through that door, Dan.  Chris Paul’s not walking through that door.  Josh Smith’s not walking through that door.  Mr Gilbert…  We can’t get Marco freaking Belinelli to walk through that door.  We have to rethink this.”


A Quick Statistical Primer on Earl Clark

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

I posted a quick link to the Earl Clark signing earlier, and somewhat to my surprise, most readers were pleased with the signing.  Having watched a handful of Clark’s games last year and being aware of his production, the move seemed inconsequential to me.  It is certainly low risk though, with only one year guaranteed.  But is it a move forward for the team?  A few facts:


Link to the Present: July 4, 2013 (The Earl Clark Edition)

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

The Cavs signed Earl Clark!*  Apparently the deal is for 2 years and $9 million, with the second year a team option.  Also, apparently the Cavs must think he can be converted to small forward.  Last season, in 23 minutes per game, he averaged 7.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, 1.1 assists and 0.6 steals on 44 / 34/ 70 shooting.  I am unsure why the deal needed to be for nearly five-mil per year.  Really, as an immediate reaction, not much about this makes sense.  But it’s the Fourth of July and there is beer to drink and grilling to be done…reaction later.

*now you can never respect my use of exclamation points again.

Links to the Present: Hurry up and Wait Edition

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Not much news on the free agency front. According to Sam Amico, Chris Grant is being extremely tight lipped, and asking players and agents to do the same. Here’s a live chat Amico ran earlier today.  Lots of non-news there.  The general trend?  Be patient.  The Cavs aren’t going to throw money at mediocre players.

Belying that thought, free agent forward, Earl Clark, will meet with the Cavs again on Wednesday.  The interest is “mutual.”

As Bob Finnan of the News-Herald, remarks, “The Cavaliers might be trying to corner the market on power forwards.”  Hey, it helped the Rockets get James Harden last year.  It’s not the worst strategy in the world.

Power Combo forward, Anthony Bennett got the key to the city in his hometown of Brampton, Ontario, Monday. has the video of Bennett’s arrival in Cleveland and the Cavs practice facility for the first time.

The rumor du jour is that Cleveland is interested in Chauncey Billups. You know, the Chauncey Billups who posted a  15 PER last year, shot .402/.367/.938 from the field last year, and was a shell of himself in the playoffs? Regular season Chauncey would be an o.k. backup, I guess. I’ll avoid the obvious joke about the fork sticking out of his back. I’m betting he ends up in New York.

Yesterday on WKNR, Cleveland’s the Really Big Show, the Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd stopped by to talk about the Cavs’ discussions  with Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum.  Listen here. (Also, there’s a cool Omar Vizquel interview there, for all you Tribe fans).

Wages of Wins has a fun Cavs inspired piece about the history of teams with two No. 1 draft picks on their team.

Checking in with Dion… After a full day of running his basketball camp, Dion worked hard last night with his trainer, Chuck Ellis.   I like pics like this.  Nothin’ to do but to keep grindin’, Dion.  I’m betting on a dull holiday weekend when it comes to Cavaliers’ news.  Happy Independence Day, everyone.

Links to the Present: July 2, 2013 – Free Agency Edition

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

I’m half-heartedly catching up on some old news here and the whirlwind start of NBA free agency…

Mary Schmitt Boyer provided a few pieces of news this weekend…Marreese Speights opted out of his contract, and Cleveland did not extend qualifying offers to Wayne Ellington or Omri Casspi.  No surprise on Speights; with Andy, TT and Bennett on board, the Cavs should seek a traditional center.  Mr. Speights will seek more dollars and years.  Also, not a shocker that Omri Casspi won’t be back.  Where is Tom, shouting, “Free Casspi!!”, though?  Some year, the Cavs will receive the first round pick acquired for JJ Hickson.  Given the team’s lack of shooting, not keeping Ellington as a restricted free agent seems like  a questionable move.  Perhaps he will return regardless.  Otherwise, we shall see what other shooters are added via free agency.

Undrafted free agents Kenny Kadji and Matthew Dellavedova signed-on for the Cavs summer league team.  Dellavedova is an Australian-born point guard that played collegiate ball at St. Mary’s.  A talented pick and roll passer and polished shooter, if he started next season in the D-League as the Cavs 3rd point guard / 15th man, I would think this is cool.

Mary Schmitt Boyer reports on a few free agents of interest to Cavalier fans…Earl Clark was scheduled to visit Cleveland today. I am not terribly excited about Clark.  In the gamut of recent Cavalier free agency activity, I would say it is less impactful that signing CJ Miles and Alonzo Gee in 2012, but more beneficial that bringing on Joey Graham in 2011.  Is that a ringing endorsement?  Also in the article, it is discussed that Wayne Ellington was contacted by the Lakers and Shaun Livingston by the Nets.  At free agent targets, I would place Earl Clark third on the list of these three players.  Finally, Daniel Gibson says, “there is no secret where his heart lies”…

Cleveland has been loosely linked to Carl Landry, Greg Oden, Darren Collison and CJ Watson, although Watson plans to sign with the Pacers.  Adding Carl Landry is less exciting following the Bennett pick.  Oden is also being chased by Miami and San Antonio; rumor has it those teams are in the lead.  If he wanted to come to Cleveland for one year guaranteed at a reasonable salary, there are no objections here.  There are other point guards that I would rather see Cleveland chase than Collison; Monday I mentioned a Livingston / AJ Price combo, or Devin Harris.

Cleveland kicks off the 2013 – 2014 preseason on October 15 in Canton.

I have surely missed news and rumors of the last few days, but so far, no earth-shaking word for Cavalier-dom.

Links to the Present

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Free agency notes and thoughts by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Monday on WKNR, Cleveland’s the Really Big Show.  Interviews with Sergey Karasev and Chris Grant from last week after the draft are posted here as well.

The Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd comments via twitter that there is no real movement from the Cavs organization on the Greg Oden Front.

The Cavs are interested in Andrew Bynum according to Glenn Moore of

Dion Waiters’s basketball camp started Monday at his high school, Life Center Academy in Burlington, New Jersey, and continues throughout the week.  Here is a nice little writeup on Dion in the South Jersey Courier-Post by Jeff McMenamin.

Kyrie’s down under right now.  Check out his twitter page for a bunch of mini videos of his time in Australia.

Speaking of Twitter, here are Anthony Bennett’s Twitter pics.  Fascinating.  Happy Canada Day, TT and Tony.  (It was Monday).

The Day the Boos(ic) Died

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Wowza, what a Monday! Free Agency is in full “contracts can’t be officially signed for another week” swing and CtB hits you with Kevin’s epic lead-out to the draft and lead-in to free agency, Mallory’s podcast with the always spectacular Scott Raab and now … a couple of Instagrammed snapshots and personal anecdotes.

*cough* *cough*

Aim to please, folks. Aim to please.

But seeing the draft in person is a weird jag. After last year’s draft, Scott Henkle and I talked at length about the unique experience of attending the draft as a fan/spectator in a piece for The Classical. This year, the experience was equally unique, just replace “drinking overpriced beers” with “the nagging feeling that you should always be tracking down ‘the scoop’ and then realizing that the NBA will bend over backwards to make sure the scoop they want you to get finds you— and not one bit more.” Access to the recently drafted players — especially the top picks — is very controlled and has everything to do with getting these players on as much television as possible.

Dennis Scott and Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett’s name was called. Then he was ushered to his on-air interview with Dennis Scott of NBA TV. Then onto his press conference, which ran a scant five minutes, before he was ushered to the “Live Shot” area (the Nets’ practice court converted into about a dozen booths, a veritable gamut of TV interviews) where we were told he would be for over an hour. Not only was other press not allowed to hear the “Live Shot” interviews, but we weren’t allowed to wait (okay, fine, creepily linger) outside the area.