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Cavaliers Talkin’

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m starting to like C.J. Miles more and more. What he says about joining the Cavs: “With Cleveland it was just about making the right basketball decision for myself. I felt it wasn’t about money; it wasn’t about anything but basketball.” A  very positive interview overall, from Hoopsworld. Here’s the link .

Dion Waiters was also interviewed recently, though it didn’t turn out half as interesting. He’s pretty good at substituting sports cliches in lieu of actual meaning. It’s nice he bought his mom a car after being drafted, at least. Here’s the link.

A Couple of Links

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The Cavs moved way up in ESPN’s future rankings, apparently. That’s nice, for what it’s worth. Here’s the link, if Chad Ford and John Hollinger rankings are your thing.

Also, it appears everyone jumped the gun about the signing of Alonzo Gee, as well. It seems that there won’t be a deal before training camp. Sam Amico reports. Oh, and I guess the Cavs won’t be buying out Omri Casspi. Bummer.

Alonzo Gee Deal

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

According to Sam Amico, the Cavs and Alonzo Gee have agreed to terms on a three-year deal worth about $10 million. Alonzo established himself last year on the Cavs as a lock-down perimeter defender and vicious dunker, albeit one with a very limited offensive game. It’s always nice to see a D-League call-up finally make bank in the NBA, and Alonzo became somewhat of a fan favorite this year. Here’s the link.

Link to the Present: August 16

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Nice little Kyrie interview from Brendan Bowers. He says all the right things about his injury and Tristan Thompson, but doesn’t sound too enthused about our playoff chances.  Here’s the link.

Dion Waiters Will Save You, Cleveland

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Sort of. There’s a profile of him in Dime Magazine. Click on over to check that out.

Cavs sign Michael Eric?

Friday, August 10th, 2012

The Cavs have signed Michael Eric. Following Summer League, Cavs:the Blog briefly mentioned him here.

Last year at Temple, he was a really good rebounder and shot blocker.  He is also 24 and was not remotely on anyone’s draft radar.  I do not have a lot to say about this; hopefully he is the next Marcus Camby?

Maybe I have misunderstood some of the Cavs off-season moves, but I thought Kevin Jones received one year guaranteed, in addition to Jon Leuer being snagged off waivers.  Luke Harangody signed a $1.1 million qualifying offer.  Luke Walton spent most of his time at power forward last year, as the athletic ability to play on the wing eluded him some years ago.

So…the team has eight big men…only one of which is an accomplished NBA big…I guess, goodbye, slimmed-down Samardo Samuels?  I am relatively confused.

Links to the Present: August 7, 2012

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Note: We have a new links aggregator at Cavs: The Blog named Dani Socher. Unfortunately, we’re having some technical problems re: getting Dani’s account set up, so I’m posting his stuff from my (Colin’s) account. Bear with us. We will make it through this together as a family who love each other very much and sometimes argue about sports.

“Free agent forward C.J. Miles has signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to a series of tweets from the Salt Lake Tribune‘s Brian T. Smith.” (Sports Illustrated)

“At this point, Cleveland seems content to wait this thing out and bring back Gee for just one year if they have to. They aren’t going to offer a multi-year contract and bid against themselves — that’s just bad business.” (Conrad Kaczmarek)

“So in the meantime, while football is getting ready to start and baseball is going through all their trade deadline hoopla, here’s some random basketball thoughts to pass the time.” (Andrew from WFNY)

“Tolliver, 27, has attracted interest from Minnesota, Indiana and Cleveland…” (Michael Lee)

Alonzo Gee has not gotten any offers from other teams.” (Bob Finnan)

“Barbosa has spent the majority of his NBA career providing instant offense and energy off the bench as a backup at both guard positions. That’s something the Cavs could use, as their backcourt currently consists of reigning Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, lottery pick Dion Waiters and veteran Daniel Gibson, and possibly Sloan and/or recently obtained Jeremy Pargo.” (Sam Amico)

(Cavaliers draftee) Milan Macvan signed a two-year contract with Galatasaray.” (Djordje Matic)

NBA opening night: Wizards @ Cleveland, Boston @ Miami, Dallas @ Lakers.” (Marc J. Spears)


Miles is a decent add for small-forward depth, but he’s nothing to get excited about…Alonzo seems to be getting a lot less interest than expected, and the Cavs are fine with that…Some good Cleveland basketball thoughts from Andrew at WFNY…Tolliver is still young and talented, and another decent PF could be great for the Cavs…Barbosa could provide a spark off the bench, and the roster isn’t full yet…Milan Macvan was drafted with the 54th pick in 2011, with low expectations abound…Wizards vs. Cavs could be fun, Kyrie and Waiters vs. Beal and Wall should be a matchup to watch for years.

Cavs: The Podcast 0010 – SUMMER!

Monday, August 6th, 2012

I’m drenched in sweat.  It’s humid and New York City smells terrible.  I leave for work and instead of seeing families walking to school I see unhappy business men and women dressed in clothing far too constricting for the weather.  Also, I can’t find an NBA game for the life of me.

That’s right folks, it’s the SUMMER!  Sure, the NBA isn’t in season, but that doesn’t mean John, Kevin and I can’t chat about all that’s going on.

On this issue of Cavs: The Podcast Kevin Hetrick, John Krolik, and I discuss all the offseason fun, including the 2012 NBA Draft, the potential for an Andrew Bynum Trade, Alonzo Gee, and the Olympics.

Heads up, I had some technical difficulties at the beginning.  Apologies.

As always, our podcasts can be found on iTunes at (there’s a slight delay here)

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Links to the Present: August 3rd, 2012

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

For those with ESPN Insider access, Neil Paine attempted to project Dream Team 2016. Among his group of “very likely” players on that squad: six of the current NBA’s 10 biggest superstars…plus Kyrie Irving.  That Kyrie Irving; he is really good.

Hoopsworld provides a rundown of the capspace and exceptions remaining for each NBA team. Leading the way with the most remaining cap flexibility are the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Time to start scouring the lists of 2013 free agents.  What player does not want to sign up with an organization sitting on money to burn that is fronted by Team USA’s point guard of the future?

UPDATE: C.J. Miles is going to join the Cavs on a two-year deal. (No word yet re: dollar amount.)  The free agents are already lining up at the Q…

An Interview with Uncle Drew

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012


After a year here, do you consider yourself a Clevelander?

Irving: I do. I do feel like a Clevelander. Every time, when people ask me, I automatically say my home is Cleveland.

I have a house in New Jersey. Where I’m from is New Jersey. But where I live is Cleveland. I’m a Clevelander now.

You can click through for questions about Dion Waiters, Irving’s relationship with Byron Scott, etc. It’s worth a perusal.