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Delonte West signs with the Celtics

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Here’s a link to the article. Good signing for the Celtics — Delonte can back up both guard positions, he plays defense, and he’s a pretty good fit next to both Rondo and Allen. There will always be concerns about Delonte’s mental state, but the Celtics have dealt with him before, have a player’s coach and a locker room of veterans, and feel that Delonte won’t be a problem for them off the court.

Delonte is always a guy I rooted for in Cleveland because of the way he played the game and the way he came clean about his mental issues — I’m really glad he found his way onto a contender, and wish him all the best.

Notes and Errata: September 1st, 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Taxes gone fight

-Nuggets front office focusing on re-upping Carmelo. Jamaal Crawford asking for an extension or a trade. This looming CBA is making everything crazy, I swear. What happened to the good old days of teams being terrified of impending free agency?

-USA vs. Iran tomorrow. I’m picking the USA. Is “Team USA as a trial run for Durant’s MVP campaign” a legit narrative?

-Mo Williams and LeBron caught up. How is everyone else reconciling the loyalty Mo has shown to the Cavs this offseason with his lackluster performances against the Magic and the Celtics?

-Bummed I missed the Lithuania/Spain game. Apparently the announcer made a legit star turn.

-Why do I feel like the comments on the BlazersEdge/LeBron ass-grabbing story would be very different if it happened tomorrow?

-Excellent piece on Tyreke and his jumper by FanHouse’s Sam Amick, but isn’t Tyreke with a 3-point stroke a prime Gilbert Arenas?

That’s all for me tonight. Until tomorrow.