Booze and Bruises

July 30th, 2015 by Nate Smith

Speakeasy – Cleveland, OH

In previous years, we ran a feature called “Brews and Bruises,” where our best writers paired a unique beer with a Cavs player or person of significance. This year we’re changing it up a bit to include the whole gamut of libations. Since we have two bartenders on our staff, it seemed only natural. Oh, and drink responsibly.

Ben Werth

Mike Miller: Absinthe. Long ago, Absinthe was the preferred drink of many the important individual. Genius lunatics like Wilde and Van Gogh enjoyed the debatable merits of the “Green Fairy” until the drink ran into some “role” issues. What exactly was in there? Did it really cause hallucinations? Read the rest of this entry »

The Point Four-ward: Got Them Benchwarmin’ Blues

July 29th, 2015 by Robert Attenweiler


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers…

1.) The Cavs didn’t just re-sign a cult hero when they inked guard Matthew Dellavedova to a  one-year $1.2 million deal, they created the type of depth and flexibility in their backcourt that the team never really had last season.

When the Cavs decided to trade Dion Waiters for key pickups Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith last January, they found themselves down one reliable ball handler. Then, when they decided to sign aging big man Kendrick Perkins rather than a third point guard they doubled down on the fact that they’d be okay with just two point guards on the roster — Dellavedova backing up starter Kyrie Irving — because their primary ball handler was and would continue to be LeBron James.

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The Wombat Returns

July 28th, 2015 by EvilGenius

Almost immediately on the heels of dealing Brendan Haywood’s Contract and Mike Miller (along with two future second round picks) to the Trailblazers for trade exceptions, the Cavs agreed to re-sign backup point guard, resident pest to opposing teams, and regional cult hero Matthew “The Wombat” Dellavedova.

According to ESPN, Delly, a restricted free agent, accepted the team’s qualifying offer and will return on a one-year deal worth approximately $1.2 million. And though initial reports suggested that the move would allow Delly will become an unrestricted free agent next summer, because he’s still in his first four years, the Cavs will still have the ability to match any offer he receives.

At the beginning of the off-season, Delly was said to be looking for a multi-year deal that started around $4 million. But given the Cavs’ cap situation, The Wombat decided to bet on himself with the QO, and let his play garner him a bigger payday next year. The question remains if he’ll get a chance to do so… Read the rest of this entry »

Cavs Trade Mike Miller and Brendan Haywood

July 27th, 2015 by Nate Smith

Late last night, Adrian Wojnarowski broke the story that the Mike Miller and Brendan Haywood are being traded to Portland for a pair of trade exceptions. Cleveland will receive a $10.6 million dollar exception for Haywood, and a $2.96 million dollar exception for Mike Miller. In addition Portland will receive the better of Cleveland’s two 2019 second round picks, and a 2020 second round pick. Many expect Miller to seek a buyout and look to play for a contender. The fact that Portland reportedly sent cash to the Cavs makes this seem strange to me (cash is often conveyed to cover the cost of a buyout). For any of you wondering if Miller could join the Cavs à la Zydrunas Ilgauskus, the NBA closed that loophole. Miller has to wait one year before signing with Cleveland.

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Flashback Friday: Double Nickels

July 24th, 2015 by EvilGenius

With the dog days of summer upon us, when things like vet minimum signings, deals for second round picks in 2019, scenarios for using the Brendan Haywood Contract and Instagrams from Sweeterman (TT) become the equivalent of cups of water in the long march through the desert of basketball-free summer, I found it refreshing to revisit some of the highlights of the Season of Wow.

And, since I really missed seeing a fully healthy Kyrie in the playoffs, this signature game back in January seemed like a perfect moment to flash back to on a Friday in July. What would become the “Double Nickel Game” started with some unfortunate news, when it was announced that LeBron would have to miss this game against the Trailblazers due to a sprained wrist suffered the night before against the Pistons. Though only precautionary, it would mean that the Cavs (who were 1-8 to this point without LBJ) would have a tall task to extend their season high seven game winning streak to eight.

But, as we soon found out, there was no need to fear, Uncle Drew was here… to get buckets… and lots of them…

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Summer Headlines

July 23rd, 2015 by David Wood
"I am not just a hustle guy," Tristan Thompson on his role within the offense. Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

“I am not just a hustle guy,” Tristan Thompson on his role within the offense.
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: With summer in full swing, we thought we’d gather some news that you might not have heard yet, concerning many of your favorite Cavaliers’ summer plans, brought to you by Nate Smith and our crack reporter, David Wood.

Tristan Thompson to Switch Shooting Hands, Again.

While waiting for his agent to finish contract negotiations with the Cavaliers, Thompson reportedly reached the decision to switch (again) after talking to DeAndre Jordan at a Los Angeles nightclub. Jordan and Thompson discussed their reputations as hustle players. After the L.A. Clippers showed a “renewed commitment to making him a major part of their offense.” DeAndre re-signed, and now he reportedly hates when people think an offense can’t be run through him. “It’s disrespectful. I could just as easily take 98% of my shots from ten feet out and still be effective. I just choose not to. I might even quit dunking this year to prove a point. CP said I could, right before I signed.”

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Breaking: Cavaliers Sign Richard Jefferson

July 21st, 2015 by Nate Smith

So the Cavs signed six-foot-seven, 35 year-old Richard Jefferson who played in Dallas last year. Jefferson signed for the veteran minimum, so will count about $947,000 against Cleveland’s salary cap.  Despite some naysaying opinions, if Jefferson plays as well as he did last season, he can be a solid bench contributor for the Cavs. Jefferson’s numbers are better than fellow old guys, Tayshaun, Caron, and Rasual Butler, and while Jefferson may be 35, he wasn’t terrible on the defensive end last year.

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Cavs: The Duels-Does Anderson Varejao fit?

July 20th, 2015 by Cory Hughey
Cleveland Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao warms up before an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Friday, Dec. 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Cleveland Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao warms up before an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Friday, Dec. 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Editor’s Note: After noticeable debate around the CtB water cooler, we decided to take it to the mat, and offer a full on tag team rumble over Andy’s fit on the Cavs. Cory and Mallory are the Wild Thing Doubters, while David and Nate remain faithful members of the AV Club.

David Griffin’s state of the franchise press conference after the Cavaliers tumultuous 2013-14 season gave few definitives on the future. He didn’t know who would be back, including himself. “Fit” was the primary theme of his speech and having players that complemented each other was the only way the team could swim its way to a solid foundation, out of the murky waters of lottery lake. The only members of that team who are anticipated to play for the franchise two seasons later are Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao. Irving broke down in the playoffs after growing defensively and as a professional during his fourth season. Thompson was the Cavs’ second most reliable player during the playoffs, and his value is still to be determined. Which leaves Andy. Varejao missed 56 games and the entire playoff run after suffering his most devastating injury to date, a ruptured achilles. Irving and Thompson are the present and future; does Varejao still fit this team?

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Review: LeBron’s Movie Debut in “Trainwreck”

July 19th, 2015 by EvilGenius

This weekend at the box office marked the arrival of the first major role in a feature film by LeBron James in the sometimes raunchy, sometimes romantic comedy, Trainwreck. Directed by Judd Apatow, and starring the talented and occasionally controversial comic, Amy Schumer, Trainwreck opened Friday (technically late Thursday night) to fairly positive reception from critics and audiences alike.

Despite this being LeBron’s first real foray into acting on the big screen (not counting his appearance in the documentary “More Than A Game”), The King had a fairly sizable role, as the “best friend” character to a sports doctor, played by Bill Hader. And, although he was essentially playing himself, it was a somewhat more exaggerated and comical version of LeBron we know.

Going in, I wasn’t sure how LeBron would fare (given the sometimes painful performances sports figures are capable of ruining films with), but ultimately, I came away fairly impressed with his comedic chops… especially since he reportedly had no acting lessons in advance.

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead]

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Random Thoughts: Dog Days

July 17th, 2015 by Nate Smith

The Cavs are in a strange position with Tristan Thompson and Matthew Dellavedova. Cleveland’s playing the free agency game in a year where few other teams are being frugal with their restricted free agents. Instead, teams are throwing money around like Jolly Ranchers at a Fourth of July parade. Cavs are treating TT and Delly like it’s 2014. It’s not. It’s hard to ask those guys to lower Citizen Sans’ luxury tax bill when J.J. Barea, the star of Little People, Big World, just signed a $16 million deal.

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