How It’s Made: A Series on Teambuilding, Part 2


My favorite thing in the world to eat right now is this dish called mazesoba, which is basically a very hearty soupless version of Japanese ramen (the above is from a small chain of shops in Tokyo called Yaro Ramen, check it out if you are ever in town). I like to think mazesoba is kind of like this current iteration of the Cavaliers, in that it has suddenly exploded onto…


Time Passes and Memories Remain – Updated

Last season, he earned around $600,000 as a sixth man who, because of injuries to his mates, became a starter for most of the year. –David Aldridge But he’s a great player, he can play three positions. The players bargained for 53 percent. Why should it shock anybody anymore? –Jerry West


Remembering John “Hot Rod” Williams

[Editor’s Note, by EvilGenius] Former Cavalier, John “Hot Rod” Williams, passed away today at the age of 53. He had been battling cancer for the past several months. Williams was a Cav from 1986-93. He was a key component as the sixth man off the bench for those great teams that made several extended playoff runs during that era. Even though he didn’t finish his career in Cleveland, he always considered himself…


Contest: Help Cory pick a new favorite Cav!

When Dion wasn’t in the starting lineup as previously advertised for the 76ers game, I knew there could be only two possible reasons for his absence. I assumed he was in the locker room throwing up from the stomach bug that’s going around (or a pool party hangover), or he had been traded. Sadly, it was the later. I began feeling a bit under the weather myself the night of the trade….



Almost immediately after the Spurs celebrated the conclusion of their ethereal basketball symphony I found myself between flights in Philly – a three hour layover of infinite possibilities.  I searched frantically for uninterrupted charging stations to calm my insatiable device hunger.  When the juice finally started flowing, I decided to write the most passive aggressive knock on LeBron James definitive eulogy for the “Big 3” era of pro basketball.  I…