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Cavs: The Podcast 0023 – Raab 3

Monday, February 4th, 2013

We’re (SLIGHTLY OVER) half way through the season, which means it was only a matter of time until I emailed a CtB favorite, Scott Raab, and asked him to come on.

On today’s podcast Scott and I discuss Tristan Thompson’s breakout season, Dion Waiters’ progress, Kyrie Irving’s game, whether or not Byron Scott will be around next year, The Cavs in general, and recent moves for the Browns and Indians.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0022 – No, not THAT Joe Johnson

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Joe isn’t tall.  He isn’t fast.  And I doubt he can hit an open three.  No, this Joe Johnson doesn’t play for the Brooklyn (New Jersey) Nets – he’s located all the way out in Indonesia.

Given the recent (somewhat) success of this Cavs team and the fact that we all know the NBA game inside and out, I thought it’d be fun to have a change of pace.  I enlisted a close friend, Mr. Joe Johnson, to come on and talk about the Asean Basketball League.

In this episode of the podcast Joe and I talk about how the Asean Basketball League is run, the types of people who attend the games, differences between the ASL and the NBA, differences between the ASL game and the NBA game, how the teams are put together, and Joe’s general thoughts on the NBA season thus far.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0021 – WE’RE GOING STREAKING

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Things are looking up for the ol’ ball club!  A three game win streak, the emergence of a bench, Kyrie playing out of his mind…there’s a lot to smile about these days.  So Tom, Dani, and I decided to hop on the line.

In today’s podcast we discuss the win streak, Byron Scott’s contribution to the win streak, Speights, Ellington, and what the future holds for this Cavs team.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0020 – Can’t We Just Talk About Tristan Forever?

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Things are looking up, my friends.  Tristan is playing well, Waiters just had an absurd game attacking the basket, and, as Kevin points out in this podcast, the Cavs are now 5 of our last 14, with a heavy dose of home games on the horizon..  Despite Andy’s best efforts, there’s lots to be positive about.

And so Kevin, Tom, and I decided to record a podcast.

In today’s episode we discuss Tristan Thompson’s development, Dion Waiters’s shot selection, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench situation, and why the Cavs keep losing so much.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0019 – The Cavs Get SACed

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Argh.  We lost.  To a really crappy team.  At home.

Tom, Colin, and I were so depressed that we decided to vent our frustrations via podcast.

Topics included are Kyrie’s development, the lack of a discernible offense, the emergence of Tristan Thompson, Byron Scott’s future, and Dion’s shot selection.

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Cavs: The Podcast – Episode 18 – “Patience is a Virtue”

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

What does Byron Scott have to prove?  Kevin and I discuss in this 18th installment of Cavs: The Podcast.

Commenters: What sorts of changes, results, benchmarks do you think the Cavs should demand of their coach?

Cavs: The Podcast 0017 – A Dark (Not-So-Stormy) Night

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Tonight we lost to Memphis in the waning minutes.  Tom, Colin, and I all were a little ticked off, so we jumped on a podcast and recorded our thoughts.  Basically…We discussed Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, the Cavs’ D, and the value of Anderson Varejao.  Among a bunch of other things.




Cavs: The Podcast 0016 – The Return of Raab

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

For those who have read “The Whore of Akron” it should come as no surprise that Scott Raab wants to see this Cavs team winning again (although, lets be honest, anyone reading this blog probably wants to see the Cavs as winners.)  On today’s podcast Scott and I got into some real nitty gritty conversation about what direction this Cavs team is headed in.  Specifically, we discussed the development of Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Tyler Zeller, and of course, Neon Dion.  In addition, we got into the bench (which hasn’t looked QUITE so terrible recently), Byron Scott as a head coach, and a little discussion on the other two Cleveland sports franchises.

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Also, for the sake of civility, lets try to keep this comment section nice.  Keep in mind that everything on this podcast is opinion.  That being said, let us know what you think about what is discussed.

0015 – Is It Summer Yet?

Monday, November 19th, 2012

It might be early in the season, but six straight losses have us feelin’ a little blue.

On today’s podcast Tom Pestak, Nate Smith, Dani Socher and I spent some time talking about what we’ve liked and haven’t liked so far this season.  Topics we touched on were the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench, Tristan Thompson’s game, Kyrie Irving’s passing, Dion Waiter, Tyler Zeller, and why the heck we keep getting blocked so much.  Plus much, much more.

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Keep on the look out for more podcasting fun soon!

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Cavs: The Podcast 0014 – NBA 2K13

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

I’ve admitted my love of the NBA 2K franchise before, so instead of writing some long winded article about how awesome this year’s addition is, I decided to rope Nate and Dani into a podcast where we profess our love.  But in reality this podcast represents much much more.  How good is Russell Westbrook, REALLY?  Would you guys trade for Tyreke Evans?  Greg Oden rules, right?  And Jay-Z is kind of awful.  At least at when it comes to sticking his name on stuff.

We had a blast recording this one, so I think you guys will like it too.  Also…Best. Research. Ever.  Not even my girlfriend could deny me my gaming time.

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Keep your eyes peeled for a few big podcasts coming in the next few weeks.  And of course, basketball season means lots and lots of beer tasting, so if you’ve got a rec of a great beer for me to check out and feature, hit me up on twitter @malfii