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Podcast Recap: Cavs 119, Magic 98

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014


The Cavs completely dominated the Magic. Any worry that CavsNation had about Kyrie and Dion playing together were quickly dispelled. They were completely unstoppable and played the way we’ve been begging them to play for over a year. Kyrie was incredible, finishing 7-8 from the field, converting a bunch of awesome contested shots at the rack, and playing the role of distributor/defense-magnet quite well. Waiter was 10 of 15 shooting. He splashed all three of his 3s, and nine of his other 12 shots were taken in the paint. Perfect. Spencer Hawes, TRUE PATRIOT, flashed his passing and his 3-point stroke and Tristan Thompson was too much to handle. He made all eight of his free throws.  Jarrett Jack and SuperDOVA managed the PG position well and Jack threw down a huge dunk. (I’m serious!) The execution tonight was just insurmountable, whether the Magic cared about winning or not. Even the shots the Cavs missed were open. They finished with 62 points in the paint and scored 70 points in the first. The Cavs are making it interesting!

Nate and I hopped in the ole podcast booth to talk at length about the Cavs. Mallory is in the process of posting to SoundCloud and iTunes, but, for now, the Podcast is available at Mixcloud

Tune in to find out about the game, the playoff race, #CavsRank, who the best dressed bench Cav is, which Cavalier legend I get to meet this weekend, and the details of our bet on whether the Cavs make the playoffs.  Go Cavs!

Cavs: The Podcast 0042 – What Now?

Sunday, December 1st, 2013


17 games in, I have no idea what to make of the Cavaliers.  One good win, one moral victory, and two abysmal losses.  Seriously, what is going on with this team?

John, Nate and I podcasted out our thoughts, hopes, and frustrations with the season thus far, discussing Andrew Bynum’s breakout game against the Bulls, the struggles against the Spurs and Boston (and the loss against Miami), how to improve the team, and some trade talk (centered around Kyrie, Dion, and TT).

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Cavs: The Podcast 0041 – Uh Oh…

Sunday, November 17th, 2013


Well, this probably isn’t the way we all imagined the first 11 games going.  4-7, one of the worst offenses in the NBA, and the teams biggest “superstar” struggling mightily.  Lets just say it hasn’t been pretty…

Colin, John (Welcome back!), and I hopped on podcast to vent our frustrations and chat about Kyrie Irving’s early season struggles, the Cavalier team disfunction, Dion Waiters’ potential (and misuse), Andrew Bynum’s success, and the failures of Anthony Bennett.

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Go Cavs!

Cavs: The Podcast 0040 – Raab 2013

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


While the season my have started, no site-wide season preview is complete without an appearance by C:tB favorite Scott Raab.

Scott hopped on the line to chat about the offseason acquisitions, expectations for the non-rookies, this year’s draft picks, the return of Mike Brown, the looming Lebron contact, and projections for this NBA season.  Scott also touches on both the Browns and the Indians, and speaks on the death of Lou Reed.

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Go Cavs!


Cavs: The Podcast 0039 Part 2 – Season’s Greetings!

Monday, October 28th, 2013


And the countdown is at ONE!  We’ve reached Cavalier’s season’s eve.  This is it – one day until our wildest hopes and dreams for this incarnation of the Cavs comes to fruition (or fall depressingly flat).  Regardless, we’re finally here!

Colin, Patrick, Nate and I thought it best to hop on the line one last time (before our predictions quickly become moot) and run though the major questions looming over this team.  Will the Cavs be improved?  Will they make a trade?  What will constitute a successful season?  And did Chris Grant achieve his rebuild?  All these and more are discussed, dissect, and answered.

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After tomorrow, months of debating  and analyzing will be realized.  We made it, friends.  Enjoy!
(And as always – GO CAVS!)

Cavs: The Podcast 0039 Part 1 – Season’s Greetings! (updated)

Sunday, October 27th, 2013


TWO DAYS!  That’s all we have to wait to see our beloved Cavs take the floor.  I, like I’m sure most of you, cannot wait to see what this season has in store.  From top to bottom the Cavaliers look primed for a playoff run.  So what better way to celebrate the beginning of the best season of all – the NBA season.

This weekend all the C:tB writers (minus Kevin – we missed you, buddy!) hopped on the old podcaster to review the roster and discuss the challenges that the season holds.

Today, for part one, Robert Attenweiler, Tom Pestak, and I cover the roster from top to bottom.  How good will Dellavedova be?  Is Anthony Bennett a starter?  And what kind of leap can we expect from TT in year three?  All of this is covered, and more, as we touch on literally every player on the Cavs team.

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—  Update — New links posted to fix audio leveling problems.

Cavs: The Podcast 0038 – T-Minus One Month

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


Aaaaand we’re in the final stretch!  Just a mere month until real, live, actual basketball!  What better way to celebrate the waning days than a podcast?

Colin, Robert and I hopped on the line to discuss the biggest off-season surprises and disappointments, the contract extensions of Cousins, Wall, and George, The Washington Wizard’s improvements, and whether or not draft picks have become over valued (this question thanks to a tweet from reader Andy P).

We at CtB apologize for the technical difficulties in the podcast – we’re working out the off-season kinks all around.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0037 – Buyin’ Em!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Whoa baby!  We, as Cavs fans, wanted a splash, and boy oh boy did we get one.

After just a few days of speculation, the Cavaliers have successfully signed Andrew Bynum to a 2 year, $24M contract.  Of course only $6M is guaranteed for year one, and the second year is a team option.  Basically, Chris Grant rocked it.

On today’s podcast Colin and I discuss the Cavs’ signing of Andrew Bynum.  We touch on his value to the team, new expectations for 2013-2014, and how this changes our perception of Chris Grant.  It should be noted that we neglected to mention his injury history in concrete terms: he’s averaged less than 60 games a year over his career.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0036 – The Cavs Get JACKED

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

FINALLY!  A free agent signing we can honestly, genuinely celebrate!  Jarrett Jack is a Cavalier!

Between Jack and Earl Clark, the Cavaliers have had a busy week.  What better way to celebrate it than a podcast?

Colin, Tom, and I hopped on the line to discuss Earl Clark, Jarrett Jack, the Eastern Conference’s playoff picture, The Atlanta Hawks, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Washington Wizards, and the Detroit Pistons.

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Cavs: The Podcast 0035 – DRAFT FRENZY! Part 2 – RAAB

Monday, July 1st, 2013

You’ve heard the C:tB crew’s take on the draft.  pondered, analyzed, and given your two cents on how things unfolded and what the repercussions are of the picking the players the were drafted.

Now hear Scott Raab’s take.

As I mentioned in the C:tBer’s ‘cast, I had a busy draft night myself.  Before chatting with my fellow bloggers, I hopped on the line with the distinguished Clevelander to discuss his thoughts on the drafting of Bennett, Karasev, and the second round picks, the future of the team, and Chris Grant’s tenure.

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