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Podcast: Episode 59 – Midseason Report Card

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

At the halfway point of the season, Tom Pestak, Ben Werth, and I jumped into the podcast booth to talk about an array of topics: Mozilla, J.R. Smith, David Blatt, LeBron, Kevin Love, Andrew Wiggins, Klutch Sports, and midseason report cards. Did you ever get tokens at Chuck E. Cheese for your report card when you were a kid? I used mine one year to get to level 76 on Gauntlet. How many tokens do you think your favorite Cav would get? What about the whole team? To find out our grades, you can listen on SoundCloud above…

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Emergency Cavs: The Podcast, Episode 58 — The Sixers loss and the Waiters trade.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

We all watched perplexed as Joe Harris started tonight against the Sixers. Then, we were all shocked when news trickled in that J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert were going to be Cavaliers, and that Dion Waiters, Alex Kirk, and Lou Amundson were going to be moving on. In the game, the Cavs blew a seventeen point lead to the worst team in the NBA and suffered a stunning defeat. It was overshadowed by an even more stunning trade of the fourth pick of the 2012 draft. Ben Werth will have a recap in the morning, but in the mean time Mallory Factor, David Wood, and I hopped in the emergency podcast booth to discuss the game, the state of the Cavs, the trade, and it’s implications. We’re as shocked as you are. And if you haven’t read Cory’s piece on Dion from this morning, it’s even more poignant now.

We can be found on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Recap and Podcast 57: Hawks 109 Cavs 101 (Or, moral victories may not be anything but they sure beat the hell out of getting embarrassed)

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Charlie Brown

Check out the podcast that Nate and I recorded tonight. It’s available at Soundcloud , and iTunes. (CtB Episode 57!) Here’s a short and sweet recap to supplement your insatiable desire for Cavs analysis.  The Cavs moved the ball well in the first quarter and played the Hawks to a draw.  They completely choked when the Hawks turned up the intensity in the second quarter and then Kevin Love left the game with back spasms.  The Cavs, without LeBron, Love, or Marion, started the second half by watching Kyle Korver drain a couple of threes to push the lead to 17.  It looked like the Cavs were going to get blown out of the gym.  But they fought back behind the wizardry of Kyrie Irving, the power and relentlessness of Tristan Thompson, and some gutsy-if-not-quite-effective defense throughout the contest.  They were within striking distance throughout the fourth quarter in a back and fourth affair where they cut the deficit three on three different occasions, and to two with 4:43 left.  The Hawks absorbed the blows and settled into some two-man action between Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap, eventually putting the Cavs away.

Kyrie Irving finished with 35 points and nine assists (and almost none of his shots were easy looks) but he coughed it up eight times in a game where the referees refused the blow their whistles for three quarters without a coroner on the scene and flipped the switch in the fourth – needing little more than pantomime routines to stop the action.  Irving looked a lot like he did last year – dribbling through double teams, taking a lot of those “why not” 3s from five feet behind the line, and of course, finishing at the rim from impossible angles.

Tristan Thompson had a really nice game.  His energy, offensive rebounding, and finishing abilities infected the Cavs in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  His alley-oop execution of Jeff Teague was a sight to behold.  He finished with 18 points on 12 shots and 13 rebounds.  He was old-man-at-the-gym’d by Paul Millsap all night long with the help of the referees, but he played a valiant game.

Dion Waiters and Kevin Love didn’t show up, figuratively speaking, and since LeBron James and Shawn Marion literally didn’t show up this game tested the Cavs’ depth.  Joe Harris was 3/4 from beyond the arc and had a few heady plays (and a gut-wrenching layup attempt that licked every inch of the rim before willing itself out).

Someone put on James Jones’ jersey and a Mission Impossible 2 mask because at least three times I had to double take “wait…James JONES just rejected Paul Millsap at the rack!?”  He missed a bunch of wide open 3s and was supremely active on defense.  Not your mother’s James Jones.  Over/under on the number of days until JJ has three steals and two blocks again?  I’m going infinity days.

All in all it was nice to see the Cavs dig deep when the dam was about to burst and make a game of it.  The Hawks are a really good team and will be a formidable playoff foe.  Their offensive talent was too much for the Cavs to stop in the waning moments of the game.  Ultimately the Cavs need to play like this every night (a scrambling defensive effort for 48 minutes) and at full strength they will win more than they lose.

Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

The streak is over!

Woe is he that has to recap that beat down at the hands of the Anthony Davis-less Pelicans.  ‘He’ is Ben Werth and will provide an insightful look at what went wrong when the sun checks in on Europe.

Until then, below is a radio interview from the past – well, just about 30 hours ago, when the Cavs were riding an 8-game winning streak.  Now they’ve lost two straight.  Quite the turnaround.  But let’s soften the blow with the bubble wrap of perspective: the Japanese Navy had a 78-year run of dominance leading up to the Battle of Midway, including the devastation at Pearl Harbor, the anniversary of which we just remembered last week.  And in less than 10 minutes (nary a quarter of an NBA game) three of the four aircraft carriers in the Japanese strike force were engulfed in flames and destroyed.  (the fourth followed later that evening).  The Japanese Navy never conducted a successful offensive again.  THAT my friends, is an abrupt end to a winning streak.  Hastag HistoryLesson.  The Cavs will get back to their winning ways in due time.  They’ve been a bit lifeless and have gotten into some bad habits.  The good news is that Kyrie, Love, LeBron, and most of the rotation is healthy.

I broke it down (the winning streak) with @ESPNMark.

Give it a listen!

Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.29.03 PM

Kyrie Irving’s magical snakeskin-ruby slippers helped the Cavs escape from the clutches of disappointment.  Nate’s going to have an epic recap up in a few hours.

In the meantime, I get on the radio with Mark Neal of Dayton’s Sports Scene every Thursday to talk Cavs and the NBA.  Below is today’s segment.  Give it a listen.

Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

Friday, November 21st, 2014



Every Thursday I chat with my friend Mark Neal, host of the Dayton’s Sports Scene radio show.

In this episode we discuss the Spurs game, the Cavs upcoming schedule, and the early returns on the 2014-2015 season.

Cavs: the Podcast 0056 – EMOTIONS!!!

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

23_crop_exact-1OH…EM..GEE!  Seriously…OH MY EFFING GEE (Alonzo?).

But seriously, the day has arrived.  After years of speculation, months of discussion, and 15 weeks of pure excitement (not to mention a zillion emails with John, Kevin, Colin, Tom, Nate, Dani, David, Ben, and anyone else I’m forgetting…sorry), the season kick-off has finally arrived.  Tonight, and really today, all eyes will be on Cleveland…Include JT’s, apparently.

All of this, of course, can make a person a little emotional.  What better way to get those pent up feelings out, then hop on the podcast line.  Tom, Nate, David, and I discussed the emotions that will come from the first Cleveland Cavaliers home game, what we plan on doing for the game, what we’ve witnessed from the first two days of NBA basketball, and how we think this season will unfold.  And of course, beer.

Don’t worry guys, I’ll try not to cry.

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Podcast Episode 55: 2014 Training Camp!

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

"Michael Allen Blair/Digital First Media

The Cavs first practice kicked off on Sunday. Kyrie Irving called it “surreal.” We here at at CtB can hardly believe it either. Our first on-the-court glimpse of this Cavs team is only a few days away. Until then, we’ll have to fantasize. While visions of half-court alley oops danced in our heads, Robert, Ben, David and I hopped in the podcast booth for a 2014 training camp preview. Who will lead this team? Are there hidden storylines? Who’s going to start? Who’s going to close? Does Mike Miller have a better ‘do than Andy? We answered all these questions and more.

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Cavs: the Podcast 0054 – We’re Back

Thursday, September 25th, 2014



Wait, let me say that again…PHEW!  WHAT!!!!  A!!!!  SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, has everyone caught their breath?  I sure haven’t.  And yet, we’re only a few weeks out from regular season basketball, and even fewer from preseason.  Whether we’re ready or not, the dream will soon be a concrete, basketball-playing reality.

To put it all into perspective, Robert Nate, Tom, David, and I hopped on the line to discuss the offseason in general, the best moment of the summer, FIBA, former Cavs players (where are they now?!), Kevin Love, NBA 2k15, beer, and music.

As always, we can be found on SoundCloud at:

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Note: This post was originally mis-numbered as podcast 53. It should have been 54.


Cavs: the Podcast, Episode 53: Summer League Review, LeBron, and the Madness of Love

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Tom and I attempted to keep this podcast svelt, like a slimmed down Anthony Bennett. Sadly, we failed. This pod was trip to a Las Vegas buffet — we just couldn’t help ourselves: discussing the Summer League, LeBron, Aaron Craft, the melancholy of the the new Cavs era, what’s driving us nuts about Kevin Love trade talk, and so much more. You can listen in on SoundCloud at … enjoy.