LeOptions: The LeBron James 2018 Free Agency Explainer


Editor’s Note: Please welcome long time commenter, Excl, who is offering his first post on LeBron’s options (from a mostly fit and team construction standpoint) in free agency. Well, the off-season we’ve all dreaded is upon us, and the Lebron Free Agency feeding frenzy is in full-effect. Rather than rant and scream about how we know what is going to happen, let’s dive into the numbers and facts and see what…


The Wood Shop: Hill’s Solid Defense and LeBron, Stopping the Heat, and The Korver Question


I know people have gone over game 2 of the Finals to the point of exhaustion already, but it’s fun to relive the good and the bad. It’s gonna be therapeutic, and if Tyronn Lue doesn’t at least try to notice and change some of the things I’m bringing up, you can hold it against him. Defensive Darling and James George Hill‘s defense on big men in game one was…


George Hill Is A True Difference-Maker


To say things are looking up for the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a major understatement. Just over a week after barely surviving a first-round series against the Indiana Pacers in seven games, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked absolutely dominant as they finished off a four-game sweep of the Toronto Raptors. They dominated the number one seed in the Eastern conference in a way that even the biggest Cavs optimist didn’t expect….


The Wood Shop: Not Trap Lords, Bojan the Working Man, IT is Right, and the Befuddling Bron


I’ve had about 63 hours to stew about the Cavs loss to the Pacers on Sunday afternoon. I was drinking during the game so my early thoughts about the loss revolved around the Wine & Gold needing to make shots. They did go 8-34 from deep after all. That’s not really like them; they may not have another game in the entire playoffs where they score just 80 points. Heck,…


End Of Regular Season Progress Reports


As the regular season comes to an end, now seems like a good time for some Cleveland Cavaliers Progress Reports. It’s been a roller coaster of a regular season with injuries, locker room drama, and a major trade that completely reshaped the roster. Now, as the playoffs begin, Cavs: The Blog will take a look at each member of the roster and assign them a letter grade that stands for…


What Do We Know About The Cleveland Cavaliers?


Today, the Cleveland Cavaliers sit in a place where even the most pessimistic Cavs fan (or optimistic fan of another team) would never have put them, sitting in just barely the third seed of the Eastern Conference with only 16 games left to play. The only thing that has been consistent with this team is the chaos. Whether it was the slow start to the season, winning 18 of 19…


The Wood Shop: I’m Looking At You Larry


I’ll gladly admit I didn’t watch Larry Nance Jr. during his tenure with the Lakers, aside from whatever highlights landed on Twitter. Now, that I’ve watched him for just three games with the Cavs, I’m pretty impressed. Initially, I thought he was going to be more of a defensive guy for the Cavs. Don’t get me wrong, he is in some ways, but it’s really only because I had to…


Fountains of Youth… Drains of Necessity


“The heart is the real fountain of youth.” — Mark Twain It’s been less than a week since a dramatic series of rapid fire deals at the trade deadline altered the fortunes of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the events of the intervening days have been hard to put into proper context… or even words. It’s rare that a team has undergone so much change in such a short amount of…


The Wood Shop: The Corner-to-Corner, Coast-to-Coast, Cool Cav Club


There’s a new club in Cleveland. It started right after the Cavs demolished Boston. I’m not in it. You aren’t in it. LeBron James isn’t even in it. It’s called The Corner-to-Corner, Coast-to-Coast, Cool Cav Club. 7C for short. It has just one member, and his name is Cedi Osman. He hails from Turkey; and in the past three games he has averaged 12.3 points while shooting 59.1% from the floor…


A Closer Look At J.R. Smith


  Fresh off an 0-3 road trip that LeBron James labeled as “trash”, questions that have bubbled below the surface for a while have understandably begun to pop up for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Should Tristan Thompson play over Channing Frye? How will the return of Isaiah Thomas affect the matchup between the two teams? Has the bench really improved when it matters most? One question that has been in the…


The Wood Shop: Benching the Starters


This piece has become a quarterly tradition of sorts. I look at the lineup data for the Cavs and come up with all sorts of crazy conclusions. One year, I said Matthew Dellavedova was better for the Cavs than Kyrie Irving. How the times have changed. Another time, I posited that DeAndre Liggins should be starting over J.R. Smith. Well, this year, I’m upping the ante. The Cavs shouldn’t close…


First Quarter Progress Reports


As Christmas (and the unofficial start of the season for some fans) approaches, it’s time for Cavs: The Blog’s first quarter progress reports. After a slow start to the season, the Cavaliers have won 13 straight games, and currently sit in second place in the Eastern Conference behind the Boston Celtics. As in past seasons, our progress reports take a look at each player on the Cavaliers’ roster, as well…