The Road to Contention, Part III: LEEEROY JENKINS!


I know. This title dates me. The 2005 World of Warcraft video that documented Leeroy abandoning his guildmates and crashing headlong into the fray only to result in the slaughter of his guild, is however emblematic of the type of teambuilding the Cavs could engage in: a win now, and win at all costs mentality. This is the kind of strategy the Knicks embraced in building around ‘Melo and Amare…


Getting To Know Sam Dekker


As the Cleveland Cavaliers continue rebuilding their roster to begin the second post-LeBron James era, a few points emphasis within their plan have become apparent. First off, they aren’t interested in a complete tear down ala’ the 2010-2011 Cavaliers. They believe that fielding a competitive team is better for the development of the young core players on the roster, as it makes it more difficult for a losing mentality to…


The Road to Contention, Part I: State of the Cap Address


My fellow Cavalier fanatic brethren. Several weeks ago, within the moments it took Klutch Sports to hit send on a press release, our team moved from that of a deep luxury tax-paying contender, searching for ways to maneuver around the cap, to one that is free of many of those tax constraints but is now searching for a way to contend. For those left wondering what options are remaining for…


Finding Fits


Whether they try to contend for a playoff spot or tear down their team in a complete rebuild, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a state of transition. When the best player in the game leaves your team, that’s bound to happen, and that’s exactly what happened to the Cavaliers with LeBron James now a Los Angeles Laker. Besides James, Jeff Green and Jose Calderon have both left for new teams,…


Rumor: Cavs Had Strong Opportunity to Trade Up for Luka Doncic


According to Joe Vardon of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Cavaliers had an opportunity to trade with the Atlanta Hawks for an opportunity to draft Luka Doncic on draft night that would have included Kent Bazemore.  While no further details were provided in Vardon’s recap other than the Cavs being pretty excited and concentrated on Collin Sexton with the 8th pick (who is averaging more points per game than…


What About Love?


As the Cleveland Cavaliers move into their second Post-LeBron Era, there are a lot of questions swirling around the team. How good can Collin Sexton be? Will Cedi Osman take a larger role next season? Can (and will) the Cavs move off of the contracts of Tristan Thompson and JR Smith? The most common discussion taking place is whether or not the Cavaliers should tear down the roster for a…


The Allure of the West


From CtB, Happy Fourth of July. For today’s article, Excl and James Michael Kenney-Prentiss team up to bring you the following meditation on LeBron’s move west, to the city of angels. The West – majestic, mysterious, beckoning – beckoning all would-be adventurers with promises of gold, of glory, of the indefinable, yet desirable. The allure has captured many an imagination, and has spurred some of the greatest triumphs and saddest…


LeBron James and His Decision: Ignorance, Knowledge, and The Absurd


With the second LeBron James in Cleveland free agency decision looming, let’s all take a deep breath and take a journey through how to deal with ignorance, how we attain knowledge, and what to do in the face of this absurd situation.  LeCision 3.0 What will LeBron decide? Do you know? Does LeBron even know? If you pay attention to the fever pitch that is sports journalism, you are currently…


The Case Against Tyronn Lue


Ladies and Gentlemen of our CtB jury, JMKP and JMay bring you the following case against our oft-maligned head coach. This dynamic duo shall lay out their case with a series of one-two punches. The charges presented shall be harsh. Yet, Lady Justice shall stand omnipresent in this proceeding — and it shall be up to you, our CtB jury, to judge accordingly.  The Cavs need to relieve Tyronn Lue…


LeOptions: The LeBron James 2018 Free Agency Explainer


Editor’s Note: Please welcome long time commenter, Excl, who is offering his first post on LeBron’s options (from a mostly fit and team construction standpoint) in free agency. Well, the off-season we’ve all dreaded is upon us, and the Lebron Free Agency feeding frenzy is in full-effect. Rather than rant and scream about how we know what is going to happen, let’s dive into the numbers and facts and see what…


The Wood Shop: Hill’s Solid Defense and LeBron, Stopping the Heat, and The Korver Question


I know people have gone over game 2 of the Finals to the point of exhaustion already, but it’s fun to relive the good and the bad. It’s gonna be therapeutic, and if Tyronn Lue doesn’t at least try to notice and change some of the things I’m bringing up, you can hold it against him. Defensive Darling and James George Hill‘s defense on big men in game one was…