The Wood Shop: Deny, Deny, Deny


Collin Sexton has looked better since being slotted into the starting lineup. He’s putting up 18.8 points and shooting 70% from deep. He’s able to get buckets and appears to be trying on defense,even if it’s not showing up in the results. Statistically, according to, anyone who has him guarding them is shooting 7.6% better than their average. Keeping in theme with my last Wood Shop, I’m going to…


The Wood Shop: Nance, Nance, Revolution


The Cavs are facing some turmoil. On Sunday morning, the front office canned Tyronn Lue. The rumored reason revolved around Lue preferring to play veteran guys like Kyle Korver over younger players with unknown upside. This team is only going to get more difficult to watch as interim Coach Larry Drew plays the young guys. I’m watching this team no matter the record, so I’d prefer not to fall into…


Zhaire Smith: Zhaire Who?


I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t watch college basketball. Over the past couple of years, there has been no need to. The Cavs haven’t had a meaningful draft pick since they traded away Andrew Wiggins in 2014. Fortunately, the world loves me and my first draft feature is on Zhaire Smith. I don’t live under a rock, I know some of the big names like Mo Bamba, Colin…


The Wood Shop: Hill’s Solid Defense and LeBron, Stopping the Heat, and The Korver Question


I know people have gone over game 2 of the Finals to the point of exhaustion already, but it’s fun to relive the good and the bad. It’s gonna be therapeutic, and if Tyronn Lue doesn’t at least try to notice and change some of the things I’m bringing up, you can hold it against him. Defensive Darling and James George Hill‘s defense on big men in game one was…


The Wood Shop: Not Trap Lords, Bojan the Working Man, IT is Right, and the Befuddling Bron


I’ve had about 63 hours to stew about the Cavs loss to the Pacers on Sunday afternoon. I was drinking during the game so my early thoughts about the loss revolved around the Wine & Gold needing to make shots. They did go 8-34 from deep after all. That’s not really like them; they may not have another game in the entire playoffs where they score just 80 points. Heck,…


The Wood Shop: I’m Looking At You Larry


I’ll gladly admit I didn’t watch Larry Nance Jr. during his tenure with the Lakers, aside from whatever highlights landed on Twitter. Now, that I’ve watched him for just three games with the Cavs, I’m pretty impressed. Initially, I thought he was going to be more of a defensive guy for the Cavs. Don’t get me wrong, he is in some ways, but it’s really only because I had to…


The Wood Shop: The Corner-to-Corner, Coast-to-Coast, Cool Cav Club


There’s a new club in Cleveland. It started right after the Cavs demolished Boston. I’m not in it. You aren’t in it. LeBron James isn’t even in it. It’s called The Corner-to-Corner, Coast-to-Coast, Cool Cav Club. 7C for short. It has just one member, and his name is Cedi Osman. He hails from Turkey; and in the past three games he has averaged 12.3 points while shooting 59.1% from the floor…


The Wood Shop: Kevin’s Finally Being Kevin


Over the first two games against the Pacers, Kevin Love has been the surprise stud of the team. He may not be the flashiest Cavalier, but he’s doing work. And, he’s doing it very efficiently. He’s averaging 22 a night, shooting 50% from 3-land, and has a true shooting percentage of 88.7%. Basically, if Kevin shoots the ball, the Cavs will get a point from him making it or hitting…


The Wood Shop: Giving Love Love


Kevin Love looks different this season. After having a full off-season where he was able to work out, he’s bigger than he was when he first arrived to the Cavs. According to this profile piece by Lee Jenkins, Love thought the Cavs were going to run like crazy his first year here, so he wanted to get skinny. He dropped all the way down to 240 pounds. Anyone watching the Cavs…


The Wood Shop: Connectedness


When a team is on the same page, they become especially fun to watch on the defensive end. Guys who may be sub par individual defenders get picked up by the collective effort of the four other guys. A mistake reacting results in an opportunity for the team to show how well they can recover. And, guys become willing to help each other for the sake of getting a stop….


The Wood Shop: Irving’s Growth and Scoring off Scouting Reports


I’m guilty of piling on Kyrie Irving. I’ve said he can’t play team ball, doesn’t know how to run a pick and roll, and that his hand waving “why didn’t you get my guy, I had to tell the refs I was fouled” defense is among the worst in the league. I still believe all those things, but he showed me there is still hope for him during the Cavs’…


Shaking Free and Clamping Down

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My favorite play from Game 3 started with LeBron facing up near the left elbow, defended in isolation by Andre Iguodala. It had all the earmarks of another mano y mano, “screw it, I’m Driving” attempt by the 2013 Finals MVP against the ghastly underrated 2015 Finals MVP. Given LeBron’s horrendous efficiency in such situations during Game 2 –  Iguodala forced LeBron into 1-3 shooting with seven (oof!) turnovers – it was hard to know if…