Podcast Episode 91: Evolution

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Nate, EvilGenius, Mallory, and I got together to celebrate a Cavs win, a twitter account, a site redesign, and lots of other goodies.  We checked how our perceptions of the Tyronn Lue era matched reality.  Here is the iTunes Link. Here’s a topic list:


Cavs 114, Clippers 90 (or, L.A. Winnin’)


Today was an exciting day for Cavs: The Blog. With the rollout of a new design for the site, and the addition of @CavsTheTweets on twitter, there were already two big reasons for our family of Cavalier fans to celebrate. The Cavaliers also had reason to celebrate as today is Tristan Thompson’s birthday. The question was, would they celebrate with a win? With the Toronto Raptors coming after the Cavs…


Recap: Cavs 120, Lakers 108 (or, Turning Back Time)


If you somehow fell into a coma towards the end of 2009, and didn’t wake up until yesterday… chances are you’d have a hard time believing you were unconscious for very long if you caught last night’s game between the Cavs and Lakers. After all, your eyes would tell you that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James were going at it like they were still on a collision course for a…


The Point Four-ward: All Eyes Ahead!


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) After spending quite a bit of last week’s column talking about how the Cavs’ ups-and-downs have made this season a particularly rocky ride this season for their fans, I’m not sure what new to say about their latest display that had Deadspin running the headline “The Cavs Got Beat By Something Resembling the Memphis Grizzlies.” Players and coaches can talk about…


Grizzlies 106, Cavs 103 (or, who needs talent when you have The Grindfather?)


On the surface, the Cleveland Cavaliers hosting the Memphis Grizzlies would seem like a fairly big game. After all, the Grizzlies came into the game with a very respectable record of 37-25, which would be good enough for third in the Eastern Conference. Alas, the Cavaliers didn’t so much play the Memphis Grizzlies as they did the Memphis Leftovers. With Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph, Matt Barnes, Chris Andersen,…


Recap: Cavs 120, Celtics 103 (or, nuCLEar testing area)


If I was recapping the Wizards game I would have titled it Trinity. Not for the only bearable plot line of the insanely overrated series Dexter, or concerning the Cavs three stars, but rather for the first testing of the atomic bomb. Could it be a match for the Warriors Death Squad in a Finals matchup? Maybe. That’s how deadly the Cavs small ball lineup looked against the Wizards. Perhaps like their…


Live Thread: Celtics @ Cavs

The Celtics are in town tonight. The Cavs will be looking for revenge. The last time the Green Guys were at the Q they were treated to a comedy of errors the final minutes of the game. With four seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Cavs up by four, J.R. Smith fouled Evan Turner from behind while he was attempting a layup. Smith just barely touched Turner, so Evan easily got…


Podcast Episode 88: Losing Andy, Winning in OKC

Before (or after) you listen to this pod, make sure you check out David Wood’s most excellent recap of yesterday’s Cavs win in Oklahoma City. After writing, David stepped into the broadcast booth with me and Tom Pestak and we talked about the crazy week it was: most of that craziness revolving around the trade deadline. We talked about the loss of Andy and what that could mean going forward…


Stat Stats: Do the Cavs lack a Killer Instinct?


Stat, from the latin statim for “immediately”, Stats, as in statistics. The impetus for the first ever “Stat Stats” post is a comment from Raoul in today’s Recap. Do you have any stats showing the Cavs have a bigger “maddening ability to take the foot off the gas and let their opponents back into games” than any other team? News flash: The other team is also trying to win! Have you…


Recap: Cavs 106, Bulls 95 (or, this is fun!!)


  The Cleveland Cavaliers kicked off the second half of the NBA season last night with a nationally televised game against the Chicago Bulls. While the Bulls had been struggling before the break and are without Jimmy Butler for the next few weeks, they were also 2-0 against the Cavs this season, and many were looking for the Cavaliers to improve their focus and effort as they begin to prepare for…