ThreadCap: All Star Sunday (#TorchPass)


Kudos to those of you who made it through the NBA All Star Saturday events. To be honest, they put me to sleep (literally, I fell asleep trying to watch them). To recap the action… Jayson Tatum edged out Trae Young in the Skills Competition via a half court heave… former Cav Joe Harris lived up to his “Smokin’ Joe” persona by torching the competition (including Steph Curry) to win…


Live Thread: All Star Saturday (#TheBuzz)


It’s that time of year again… the unofficial halfway (but really almost two-thirds way) point of the NBA season, where the League has a week off to celebrate itself and fuel storylines and buzzy rumors for the remaining stretch run, playoffs and summer. This time around, we find ourselves in Charlotte, North Carolina, (home of the Hornets) to watch the stars come out to compete in feats of skill, shooting…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Nets


Cedi’s back! This one should be fun Cavs fans. Sure, they’re still missing TT, but this Cavs squad is almost back to full health. For the Nets, Caris Levert is in his third game back after missing several months with a dislocated foot. K-Love, Cedi, and soon TT… only poor JR sitting at home would make the Cavs complete. Regardless, Cleveland should be fun to watch tonight, and should give…


Live Thread: Cavs vs. Knicks (#EverythingsNotAwesome)


Everything’s not awesome Everything’s not cool I am so depressed Everything’s not awesome Whoa, I think I finally get Radiohead (Bro, you should check out Elliott Smith) What’s the point There’s no hope Awesomeness was a pipe dream (Aye, my spirits be at the bottom of the sea) Love’s not real I just want to eat carbs Pass the ice cream (I’m not a thing you can just use to…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Pacers


The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing in the notoriously difficult arena (at least for them) Bankers Life Fieldhouse as they face off against the Indiana Pacers. The good news is that the Cavs saw Kevin Love return to the court, if only for six minutes. The bad news? The Pacers seem to be playing just fine in the face of losing Victor Oladipo for the season. Love will presumably still be…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Wizards


The Cavs are in the District of Columbia tonight to take on the Wizards for their first game since the trade deadline. Cleveland currently leads the season series 2-1. A win tonight would make the Cavs 12-43. Or, the team that has 25% of their wins against the Wizards. I’m ninety percent sure that the Wizards are the only team the Cavs even have a chance to win a year…


Trade Deadline Madness


What a 24 hours. The Cavs move Alec Burks, Harrison Barnes goes to Sacramento, Stanley Johnson and Thon Maker trade places, Tyler Johnson Goes to Phoenix, Herculoid Wayne Ellington will probably get bought out, LeBron James shows a complete and total lack of self-awareness, and KD makes that seem completely irrelevant by giving one of the more bizarre media availability sessions in recent memory… whew! And that wasn’t even on…


Live Thread: Cavs vs. Celtics (#StayWokeTuesday)


It’s Tuesday again… time to #StayWoke and hope that second day of the week luck kicks in once more for the Cavs as they host the Boston Celtics tonight at the Q. The one guy who won’t #StayWoke though, is the same dude who popularized the saying a while back, Kyrie Irving. It’s curious that Uncle Drew chose not to make this trip to Cleveland, the second avoidance of his…


Live Thread: Mavs at Cavs


The Dallas Mavericks come to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers tonight at Quicken Loans Arena. This will be a night of firsts and lasts for Cavalier fans as they get their first up close look at rookie sensation Luka Doncic, while Mavs legend and future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki plays his final game at the Q. After a hot start, the Mavericks have fallen off, and currently sit…


Live Thread: Cavs vs. Wizards (#TuesdayMagic)


It’s that day again Cavs fans… time to see if the magic of Tuesday can return for the wine & gold. After a stumble on the last one against the Pelicans (despite a furious comeback), what better team for the Cavs to conjure up another Tuesday win against than the visiting Wizards? After all, Cleveland had one of their more convincing victories the last time they saw Washington on December…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Bulls (The Losing Edge)


Tank Battle Mark IV, Cavs fans. While the Cavs are 0-3 against the Bulls this season, they are only two games ahead of (behind?) the Bulls in the loss column at 9-41 versus 11-38. Amazingly, the Cavs make up a whopping 27% of the Bulls’ win total this year. There’s a lot on the line here. While the odds for the top four picks are essentially even for the bottom…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Heat (Hopefully)


The last time I recapped the a game against the Heat I predicted the Cavs would come out with a win. I suppose I was a bit naive to think this team could compete against any team that was actually trying hard. Cleveland ended up losing that game 118-94. Then, five days later, the Cavs faced off against the Heat again. I thought to myself, “maybe this time the Cavs…