Finals Live Thread Game 4: Cavs vs Warriors (Evolve or Die)


The Cavs already rendered the Raptors extinct, and if they don’t evolve, this incarnation of the Cavs will go the way of the dinosaurs as well. It’s true. No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit, in the NBA playoffs, let alone the finals, but that’s no reason not to try. We all thought this series was going seven games anyway. Why even play the game if it’s…


Finals Live Thread, Game 3: Cavs vs Warriors (home cookin’)


Welcome home, Cavs. I was tempted to lead with a picture of Andre Igoudala tonight, but I decided that a vision of what the Cavs are playing for ought to go up top. Make no mistake. This one’s for Cleveland. The Cavs are on the precipice of being down an impossible 0-3, and all we’ve heard about for the last few days is how inadequate this team, this region, and…


Finals Live Thread: Cavs @ Warriors, Game 2


The Cavs are back in Oracle Arena after a very controversial game one loss. That game will down in history and may even be what people remember about the 2018 Finals, regardless of who the victor is. For many Cavs fans, it will be the game that LeBron James took a charge, that was called on the floor, from Kevin Durant while standing a very reasonable distant from the cylinder….


2018 Finals Live Thread: Cavs @ Warriors, Game 1


The Cavs arrived at Oracle Arena with the black duds intact, though with a few… alterations. LeBron donned the suit shorts, as did Jordan Clarkson, while most of the guys went long on the pants. On other great news, Kevin Love has passed the concussion protocol, which means he’ll be playing tonight. And if Ty Lue’s words from earlier this week are any indication, it means he’ll be starting. My…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics, Game 7 (#Everything’sGoneGreen)


If you want a window into my thought process on a game day when I’m contemplating what to toss up for a Live Thread theme… it often correlates to some decades past musical deep cut that sticks in my brain and provides me with an odd but fitting subtitle. Even on the verge of a winner-goes-to-the-Finals Game 7 on the road in the most hostile of territories, this is still…


Playoff Live Thread, ECF Game 6: Cavs vs. Celtics


The Cavs face their second elimination game of the year as they host the Celtics for Game 6. This Celtics team has been a damn site worse on the road, so the Cavs have the odds to extend the series. In addition, given the war of attrition out west, LeBron has to see that he has an opportunity to win a championship this year, which should re-energize him from his…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics, Game 5 (#BestofThree)


I was tempted to make George Hill the poster child of this Live Thread… mainly because his number is “3” and because when he plays well, he brings out the best in the Cavs. However, since Mike covered G Hill’s effect on the Cavs in depth last week, I settled on a shot of the other crucially important matchup in this deadlocked Conference Finals. Kyle Korver is 16 years older…


Playoff Live Thread: Celtics @ Cavs Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals


The Cavs took care of business in Game 3. In a game where LeBron James and Kevin Love didn’t have to score 60+ points and still win handedly, did the Cavaliers find a new formula for sustained success the rest of the NBA Playoffs? Will the role players continue to show up?  Does Ty Lue trust the lineups that don’t combine Jeff Green and Tristan Thompson for another game? While…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs Celtics


The mustiest of must win games is upon us.  Will we notice any changes?  Does Ty Lue continue to run with the players that had the best pre-season fantasy rankings? We’ll find out shortly.  I’m gonna channel my inner Nate: 132-86 Cavs.


Playoff Live Thread, ECF Game 2: Cavs @ Celtics


Game two isn’t a must win; it’s a “man they really ought to win” if they want to come out ahead in this series. So the Cavs look to bounce back from possibly their worst game of the season (especially given the stakes). Fortunately, the Cavs aren’t playing on Sunday afternoon, where they tend to snooze like they’re watching the third straight hour golf tournament. The Cavs plan to start…


Playoffs Live Thread, ECF Game 1: Cavs @ Celtics


Happy Mothers Day, and Welcome to the Eastern Conference Finals, Cavs fans. The Cavaliers travel to the TD Garden this afternoon, to take on the Celtics and their hungry cast of young players. The last time the Cavs took on this squad in the playoffs, Boston was without NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas, who’d been shut down because of a lingering hip issue, and the Celtics had new life because they’d…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs. Raptors, Game 4 (#Extinction?)


“Same as it ever was… same as it ever was…” — The Talking Heads Have you ever had one of those recurring nightmares that haunts you? You know, the one where no matter how fast you run… how strong you are… how much you try and fight… the boogeyman still gets you in the end… and you wake up screaming? I know the Toronto Raptors (and their fans) have. Only this…