Trade Deadline Madness


What a 24 hours. The Cavs move Alec Burks, Harrison Barnes goes to Sacramento, Stanley Johnson and Thon Maker trade places, Tyler Johnson Goes to Phoenix, Herculoid Wayne Ellington will probably get bought out, LeBron James shows a complete and total lack of self-awareness, and KD makes that seem completely irrelevant by giving one of the more bizarre media availability sessions in recent memory… whew! And that wasn’t even on…


Cavs Trivia


With Game One of the NBA Finals this Thursday night, now seemed like as good a time as any to check in and see how well the community of Cavs: The Blog knows their favorite team. To do that, Cavs: The Blog has put together a set of trivia questions, one for each member of the roster. Some questions are relatively easy, while others are more difficult, but all are…


Dear Santa, Post-Championship Edition

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Despite people bemoaning it nationally, 2016 was a pretty good year for Cleveland and the Cavaliers. We’ve all been blessed with a Cavs championship, and the bling and the Larry O’Brien trophy are better than any hardware Santa could bring. More than that though, we’re blessed with a team of upstanding men we can be proud to call ambassadors of our region. That’s what makes us as fans most fortunate…


Get To Know Your Opening Night Cavaliers


With Opening Night just around the corner, now seemed like as good a time as any to see how well the community of Cavs: The Blog knows their favorite team. Some questions are relatively easy, while others are more difficult, but all are fun, interesting facts about your Cleveland Cavaliers. So click below and take the quiz, and remember, no googling!


How Well Do You Know Your Cavs?


It’s Tuesday morning, and things are looking good in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cavaliers are headed to the Eastern Conference for the second year in a row, and await the winner of a Miami Heat-Toronto Raptors series in which neither team has looked very impressive. With some time on our hands until the next round, now seemed like as good a time as any to see how well the Cavs: The…


Dear Santa…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, C:tB readers! While we’re waiting for the year’s biggest matchup, Nate and I teamed up to deliver our annual “Dear Santa” wish list for all our favorite Cavaliers. These guys have brought us so many great moments throughout the last year, and they bring so many people joy on and off the court, we’re hoping Santa gives them some too. On behalf of all of us…


Putting the Puzzle Together

Everyone has their own holiday traditions, and the one that my family has engaged in (for as long as I can remember anyway), is putting together a traditional holiday season jigsaw puzzle. My parents did it when I was a kid, and I couldn’t let my own kids go unscathed once they got old enough to handle the tiny cardboard pieces without swallowing them. The bigger, more intricate and more…


Cavs: The Halloween Party

There’s nothing like a Halloween party to get people out of their shells and invite them to cut loose with costumes, dancing, and the occasional legendary karaoke performance. Thanks to LeBron James, the Cavs got the opportunity to be collectively creative with their Halloween celebrations last night as The King (or in this case, Prince) threw an epic bash for his friends and teammates. In fact, the host himself went “All…


14 Million Reasons

In news that should be a surprise to zero people, it was reported by Brian Windhorst this morning that Tristan Thompson and the Cavs are still $14 million apart in their now stalemated negotiations. Questions abound as the clock has nearly run out on these protracted discussions between TT’s camp (namely Klutch Sports Group’s Rich Paul) and Cavs’ management, which could result in Tristan “betting on himself” and signing the…


NBA Jams… Cavs Edition

A few weeks ago, when Mo Williams officially agreed to come back to the Cavs for a second stint, I started pondering something truly exciting. Sure, Mo should definitely help man the back-up PG position, providing skilled ball-handling and instant scoring off the bench. But I also realized the return of Mo Gotti might also bring about a return of the music sting following each triple he hits from downtown. Yes, I…



[Are we sure that Delly wasn’t in Houston last night? That city was also flooded today forcing the Texans to cancel practice…] Did anything bad happen to you today? Did anything ruin your Memorial Day weekend? Have you seen any unfortunate disasters or annoying mishaps befall people you know or places you go? Chances are… it was all Delly’s fault. Yes, this pesky Australian spit-fire, recently dubbed practically Public Enemy…


Love’s Labour’s Lost… And the 5 Stages of Dealing With It

[If you haven’t taken a listen to Tom’s terrific chat with Mark Neal… please read no further until you have done so…] This past week has been a challenging one for Cavs fans, myself included. What should have been the joy and satisfaction of victory, easily sweeping a first round series against a scrappy Boston team, turned rapidly into the agony and pain of a nightmare injury scenario in one awkward…