Notes And Errata For The Weekend

Hey folks, just some things to chew on for the weekend to fill in this 3-day gap in between games: I can’t really sum up any righteous anger over Ray Allen getting the injury-replacement all-star spot over Mo Williams, mostly because Allen was a huge snub the first time around; he’s been Boston’s best offensive player, he’s shooting a career-high 63.2% TS to lead all guards while scoring 18 a…


Portraits In Randomness: Now Featuring 30% More Edicts!

-Things that will not happen, chapter 31.4- A wee bit of background on me. I was raised and currently reside in the Bay Area when not in school. While the Cavs are my team, the Warriors will always have a special place in my heart-my first blog is named after them. -So if you’re looking for this site to get blog-crazy on one of the best Warriors of all time,…


How To Relax During the Next Two Days

First Things First: -I probably should have done a better job explaining the WWL paraphernalia that now adorns this site, seeing as to how it’s the reason this site exists and a fairly huge deal. In my defense, I was really tired and had spent four hours jostling with media members and watching my team get killed and then two more hours writing two separate recaps of it. -For those…