Links to the present: September 4th, 2009

Not  a whole lot going on today, as has been the norm, but here’s what’s been going on: Henry Abbott is not too keen on LeBron’s new “autobiography,” Shooting Stars, which was co-written by Buzz Bissinger. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, and will definitely check it out when I do have a chance, but this review was disheartening to me, because it confirms my expectations…


A Few (more) thoughts on Michael Beasley

There’s just an absolute put-load of news, both Cavs-related and otherwise, that’s gone on in the last few days, so let’s do our best to catch up. The story of the day, and maybe one of the stories of the off-season, is the news that Michael Beasley has checked into rehabilitation, apparently for reasons relating to depression. There are also questions regarding substances, particularly Beasley’s use of marijuana, but I…


Shaqenfreude, Part 2: The 1st “Shaq Vs.”

Before we begin, a link: fantasy uberguru Eric Wong of and has asked me to direct your inquiring eyes to his Cavaliers fantasy preview, and I saw no reason not to oblige him. It’s for fantasy, so take it with that particular brand of salt, but Eric has no rooting interest, and when he’s wrong about stuff, he loses money. And Eric’s made a lot more than he’s…


The Kurz of Cleveland and Other Stuff Too

Before we go any further: you should really read this excellent post by Eddy Rivera of Third Quarter Collapse. It’s on whether or not the Magic should retire Shaq’s jersey, and it’s an interesting look at what Shaq can bring to a basketball franchise in both the short and long term. The comments and poll results are worth a look as well. The big news of the weekend over in…


Wednesday night notes and errata

Just general notes and errata for today: Again, it is with heavy hearts that I go on with this blog. I shall recover, but the waiving of Tarence Kinsey has hit Cavs: The Blog hard. Schedule came out today: Celtics for the season opener, and Lakers on Christmas Day. It’s a coincidence, like how Santa gives rich kids more presents. Shaq has challenged David Beckham, presumably at something other than…


Why Shaq Shouldn’t Start

(HT on Pic: AV Club) Since the Shaq trade occurred, I’ve alluded to the fact I don’t think he should start a few times. Due to breaking moves around the league and my responsibilties as a citizen to the American Justice system, I haven’t had the time to fully spell out all the reasons why I believe Shaq would serve the team better off the bench. Well, now I do….


Trials, Dunks, And The Devil’s Weed

(Picture originated by me, developed with input from Kevin Arnovitz and .jpg work by Kyle Weidie of sincere thanks to them both, obviously.) So, first off, the trial is over and a verdict has been delivered, so I should start to put together some decent posts fairly soon. With that said, let’s get some stuff out of the way: The Dunk Video has been unveiled. One of my great…


Notes And Errata For The Weekend

Hey folks, just some things to chew on for the weekend to fill in this 3-day gap in between games: I can’t really sum up any righteous anger over Ray Allen getting the injury-replacement all-star spot over Mo Williams, mostly because Allen was a huge snub the first time around; he’s been Boston’s best offensive player, he’s shooting a career-high 63.2% TS to lead all guards while scoring 18 a…


Portraits In Randomness: Now Featuring 30% More Edicts!

-Things that will not happen, chapter 31.4- A wee bit of background on me. I was raised and currently reside in the Bay Area when not in school. While the Cavs are my team, the Warriors will always have a special place in my heart-my first blog is named after them. -So if you’re looking for this site to get blog-crazy on one of the best Warriors of all time,…


How To Relax During the Next Two Days

First Things First: -I probably should have done a better job explaining the WWL paraphernalia that now adorns this site, seeing as to how it’s the reason this site exists and a fairly huge deal. In my defense, I was really tired and had spent four hours jostling with media members and watching my team get killed and then two more hours writing two separate recaps of it. -For those…