The Road to Contention, Part III: LEEEROY JENKINS!


I know. This title dates me. The 2005 World of Warcraft video that documented Leeroy abandoning his guildmates and crashing headlong into the fray only to result in the slaughter of his guild, is however emblematic of the type of teambuilding the Cavs could engage in: a win now, and win at all costs mentality. This is the kind of strategy the Knicks embraced in building around ‘Melo and Amare…


The Road to Contention, Part II: The Hinkie Highway


Greetings Cavs fans! We’ve been recharging our batteries, after a long Cavs’ season, and we hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are. Big news happened last week: the Cavs signed Kevin love to a long extension that keeps his rights with the Cavs until 2023. The Cavalier organization has been in limbo since LeBron’s LA exodus, and the signing should give some long term direction to a…


From Distance: Spoiler Alert, Mr. Durant


one point play. Note: this week, I write to Kevin Durant in wake of yet another little podcast controversy regarding Durant’s decision to join the Warriors.   Dear Kevin Durant, People watch basketball because it is entertaining. The NBA’s entertainment value is what garnered you your millions. Don’t get me wrong. You have earned your contracts with outstanding play. In the NBA ecosystem, your contract is well-deserved, as you are an…


From Distance: Kyle Be Gone?


four point play…. 1. Are the Cavaliers going to compete for the 2019 playoffs, or will Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman do their best to subtly keep their Top 10 protected first round pick? The more I have thought about it over the summer, the more I have quietly hoped that the Cavs would grit, grind, and shoot their way to an 8th seed. A lineup featuring George Hill, Cedi…


The Curious Case Of Rodney Hood


On February 8th, 2018 in the final hours before the 2017-18 NBA Trade Deadline, the Cavaliers front office, namely rookie GM Koby Altman, took part in a series of trades that rocked the Cavaliers’ universe in what was initially a fresh and exciting fashion. In a combination of three separate trades, Altman rid Cleveland of Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, and unfortunately, Channing Frye. In return the…


From Distance: Luka Say What Now?

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four point play…. 1. In today’s vlog, my head explodes over the possibility that Luka Doncic could have been a Cav. 2. I contrast Collin Sexton’s defensive ceiling to Luka Doncic’s underrated athleticism, and talk about some technical skills they need to acquire. 3. I go on record saying Doncic will be a superstar and toss out some Sexton comps based on what we have seen so far. 4. At minute 15, (for the love…


Rumor: Cavs Had Strong Opportunity to Trade Up for Luka Doncic


According to Joe Vardon of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Cavaliers had an opportunity to trade with the Atlanta Hawks for an opportunity to draft Luka Doncic on draft night that would have included Kent Bazemore.  While no further details were provided in Vardon’s recap other than the Cavs being pretty excited and concentrated on Collin Sexton with the 8th pick (who is averaging more points per game than…


From Distance: Los Angeles Cavs


  four point play…. 1. When one makes bold predictions, one will occasionally be required to down some tasty crow. Last week, I whiffed badly on two substantial predictions: LeBron would stay, and PG13 would be a Laker. Oops. It happens. I know I’m not alone with those particular stances. As more information comes out post Decision 3.0, it’s easy to retroactively see all the “writing on the wall.” It’s…


The Allure of the West


From CtB, Happy Fourth of July. For today’s article, Excl and James Michael Kenney-Prentiss team up to bring you the following meditation on LeBron’s move west, to the city of angels. The West – majestic, mysterious, beckoning – beckoning all would-be adventurers with promises of gold, of glory, of the indefinable, yet desirable. The allure has captured many an imagination, and has spurred some of the greatest triumphs and saddest…


Podcast Episode 178: LeBrexit

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Well… LeBron James is gone. Again. To process this new reality… Nate, Tom, Eli and EG commiserated in the podcast booth. We discuss why we think it happened, who’s to blame, whether it was a basketball or lifestyle move, if the Lakers are now contenders, what happens now with the future of the Cavs, and how this move affects LeBron’s ultimate legacy. So, all in all a pretty cheery listen….


From Distance: Cavs: The Vlog, Prediction Time

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four point play…. 1. I babble some more in these last few days of NBA Indecision 2018. Here are my bold predictions. Check out the video for my “reasons”. 2. Paul George signs a “one and one” contract with the Lakers. 3. Kawhi Leonard will not be traded to the Lakers this week, and probably not at all. 4. LeBron James stays and signs a max contract with the Cavs. (note: in the time…