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CtB 2013, The Year in Review (Part II)

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Yesterday, we ran Part I of this series, reviewing January through June of 2013.  Today, we take a look at the second half of this past year, a second half that has been filled with optimism, disappointment, and comedy.

Robert: July saw me trade in the oppressive heat and humidity of the right side of the country for the dry, punishing sun of the desert as the Cavs headed to Las Vegas for their annual toe-dip into the Summer League pool. First off, everything you’ve heard about the Vegas Summer League is true. It’s a veritable petting zoo of current and former players/coaches/etc. You may have to squeeze between Mark Price and Tyronn Lue to get to your seat (happened). You may have Tristan Thompson tell you that he won’t speak to you unless you go through the Cavs’ PR people first (also happened). …  But, mostly, you just get to geek out at the yearly event that gives the Sloan Conference a run for its NBA geeky money. Oh, and you get to talk to Anthony BennettCarrick Felix, Tyler Zeller, and most entertainingly,  Dion Waiters about getting into shape, working on his game, and jawing with the refs.


CtB 2013, The Year in Review (Part I)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014


Happy 2014, everyone… Here’s hoping the coming year is great for you, and for our favorite team.  We thought we’d offer up a CtB year in review on the Cavs’ roller coaster of a 2013.

As January 2013 rolled around, the Cleveland Cavaliers were mired in a funk.  Starting the season 7 and 25, Nate offered up New Year’s resolutions for the entire squad, and I took a look at the questionable resume of Byron Scott.  The season’s focus was primarily about hoping for growth from the youngsters, and in a short series, I took a deeper look at Kyrie and Dion.  The season eventually started turning around, including a three game winning streak with an awesome win over Boston.  In that one, Kyrie scored 40, Tristan posted 21 & 9, and Luke Walton doled out seven dimes; it was definitely a foretaste of what the next month had to offer.