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Five on Five: Second Round Edition

Monday, May 4th, 2015


First off, today is your LAST DAY to get your CtB T-Shirts. Remember, all proceeds go to the Lauren Hill, “The Cure Starts Now” tribute fund. Red or Black. You choose. Secondly, we thought we’d give you a second round preview. We assembled five members of our crack staff to give you their expert and/or off-the-cuff analysis. Enjoy.

1. Stephen Curry won the MVP, are you cool with it?

Robert: Curry had a ridiculous (and healthy) season for a Warriors team that was dominant from start to finish. Parts of the season had me leaning more toward James Harden — because of what he was able to do with a Rockets team that was missing its second best player in Dwight Howard — but this was just Curry’s year.


Five on Five: First Round Edition

Monday, April 20th, 2015


1. Which player with no playoff experience breaks out in the first round?

Ben: Anthony Davis. Too many national media members have slept on the best player of 2014-2015. While it is premature to officially name him “best player alive,” his regular season was historical. He is already in the conversation with LeBron, James Harden and healthy Kevin Durant. That’s the list. As a destructive two way force, his smooth movements give the impression that he is playing on ice. With that size, instinct, and soft jumper, I think he uses this series with the Warriors as his coming out party. After a slow start to game one, Davis brought the Pelicans back to make the fourth quarter interesting. His 35 points came late in the game, but sometimes late game success in a blowout can lead to good things the following game. The series may still be short, but the NBA world will be prepared for Anthony Davis ascension to league’s top player in 2015-2016.


CtB Reader 5 on 5

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015


I’m super psyched for this piece because we’re featuring the one thing that makes our little corner of the internet superior to all others in the blogaverse: our readers! Last week we polled some of our longest tenured and most prolific commenters to see if they wanted to contribute to the blog, and they graciously accepted. Cols714, Arch Stanton, EvilGenius, Mac, and C6H12O6 (the artist formerly known as Matt Gordon) all responded to our questions and showed what makes our Cavs fans the best Cavs fans. I can’t tell you all how much I enjoyed editing this piece, and how great it is to have you all (and not just these five guys) as readers! Enjoy, everyone!

Who/what is your Cavs fandom “spirit animal?”

C6H12O6: A narwhal for both bizarre and literary reasons. The bizarre being the Narwhal is a near mythical mammal often mistaken for a sea unicorn found in two of my favorite childhood storybooks: 20,00 Leagues under the Sea and Moby Dick. A long suffering Cavs fan might also be accused of being a Unicorn especially during the bad years. I too am a bizarre mammal because I started liking the Cavs in 1979-1980 because their players had unique names (Campy, Bingo, Foots, Willoughby) and Walt Frazier was a wizard even though he was older. (more…)

All-Star Five on Five

Friday, February 13th, 2015


Five questions, five CtBers. It’s all-star weekend! Stick right here for coverage of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night’s events!

1. Who is the most deserving player to be left off the East All-Star squad?

[Editor’s Note, Ben and David’s entries were written before Korver was named as an injury replacement]

David: Kyle Korver should have made it. He’s shooting 52% from the 3-line, and the season is halfway over. He makes 3.1 long balls a game, which is tied for second place in the NBA with Klay Thompson, so he isn’t a fluke. Oh yea, he also trains by running under water holding a boulder, which is just cool. And finally, the Hawks created an offense that utilizes him to alter how people play against their team. His shooting ability eliminates the idea of a weak side help defender for opposing defenses. How many players affect what a defense does that much?


Midseason 5 on 5

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Cavs fans, here’s five questions for five Cavs the Bloggers. And when you’re done with this, head on over to, for a peak at the newly created weekly TrueHoop Network Roundup. We’re really trying hard to create an “ESPN TrueHoop Network Revival.” Please take a minute or ten to check out the great content on our sister sites. In the mean time, here are the questions that have been burning a hole in our brains.

1. How are you feelings about the Wiggins/Love trade now?

Tom: I hadn’t slept in weeks so I decided to check myself into therapy. Now I realize this is all my parents fault. If they hadn’t nurtured me and put up that basketball hoop in my driveway I never would have fallen in love with this God-forsaken sport. [Reaches for pills…hands shaking]


Five On Five: First Quarter Edition

Thursday, December 18th, 2014


We’ve just past the quarter point in the season and the Cavs stand an unimpressive 14-10 thus far. We’ve asked five of our Cavs the Bloggers to answer five questions to summarize their feelings on the bi-polar performance of the team thus far. 

1. Who has pleasantly surprised you?

Nate: Tristan Thompson has been a revelation. The guy has the serious hops back. As Tom noted, he’s finishing almost 8% better inside of five feet. His five to nine foot stuff needs work, but those shots will start falling. Yes, he the beneficiary of playing with LeBron, and yes, his defensive rebounding is down (whose wouldn’t be with Love), but the explosiveness difference is noticeable. He’s getting higher on his dunks, blocks, and rebounds. He’s back to being “Tigger” (the unfortunate nickname some here wanted to bestow upon him during his rookie year). His block percentage is way up too, and he’s done this without increasing his foul rate. Canadian Dynamite’s improved play may put Griffin in a bind next summer. He really ought to be starting over Andy right now, and when he does, it’s going to make Tristan’s contract demands that much stronger. Griff and Gilbert probably should have extended him. The contracts next summer are going to be bananas.



5 on 5 Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks so much for reading this year, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday with your families and friends (and Go Cavs! tonight). We put together a 5 on 5 that you can read when you’re bloated from over-eating and sick of football.

1.) Who’s the biggest turkey of the past four years?

Robert: Me, for constantly believing that this team has turned the corner and I’ll actually get to see good basketball again. Yes, me. Clearly… biggest turkey… me.


5 on 5: 2014 Tipoff

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

One more day! The NBA tipped off last night, and the Cavs tip off tomorrow. Our summer of waiting is almost over. In that spirit, we asked five Cavs the Bloggers to answer five questions about what this team will look like to start the season.

Tipoff is Thursday! What are you most excited about as the Cavs open the regular season?

Cory Hughey:  I look forward to the inverse of LeBron’s first return to Cleveland with Miami. The emotion will gather like condensation on the outside of a cold beer mug. For those fortunate enough to be there, they will share a two-hour moment that transcends normal consciousness with 20,000 strangers. Instead of venom, there will be love. Instead of Samardo Samuels there will be Kevin Love.


Five-on-Six: Summer Break Edition

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


September is here. Everyone has felt the buckle tighten back on school or a more rigid work week. We at Cavs: the Blog are no exception. But, even as we sit and watch the clock tick down the precious minutes until the NBA returns (Cavs Media Day is a week from tomorrow!!!) we are not without our actual full (?) and rewarding (??) lives. So, for unbalanced edition of Five-on-Six we’ve got a little bit of basketball and a little bit of that small sliver of our lives that is… well, un-basketball. Enjoy!

1.) Did you go on a vacation this summer? If so, where? And, if so, was there a Cavs-related story that broke / distracted you from fully enjoying yourself.

Tom: Yes, to Cape Hatteras North Carolina on the Outer Banks.  No, no #wojBombs that I can recall.  I was there during games 1-3 of the Finals.  I was terrified that the Heat were going to ruin my vacation, especially after the Bosh primal scream in game 2.  I didn’t watch the start of game 3 until I got a text that the Spurs had started 19 of 21.  One of the best vacations I’ve ever had.


5 on 5: Summer Pickup

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

We’re getting into the dog days of summer here. You know, when you’re dripping sweat and gasping for breath during that pickup game at the park with nine other crazy souls.  With David Griffin and Co. in an apparent holding pattern until August 23rd, you and your fellow Cavs fans will have just a few subjects to discuss between games. So here’s five questions for you, answered by five CtB bloggers. Enjoy the run.

1.) A Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins+Anthony Bennett trade adds (subtracts?) how many wins to next season’s team?  How about the playoff picture?

Tom: Love’s SWAgR was about 12, meaning he produced about 12 wins himself.  Anthony Bennett’s SWAgR was negative.  I’ll assume that Bennett would produce about a win this season and Wiggins about two (grabbing Kawhi Lenoard’s rookie season as my comp).  The Cavs go +9 regular season wins with this trade.  Putting them from mid 50s to mid 60s.  Usually I would never assume that things would work out seamlessly for the Cavs, but Love and LeBron are outlandishly better passers than the Cavs have had during the rebuild trade-asset-accumulation-process (or TAAP).  The playoffs are murkier because, as we’ve seen in the past, PEDs match-ups can be game-changers.  But the talent alone will take them to the Conference Finals.  And if they’re healthy and firing on all cylinders, the Finals.  I wouldn’t predict that without Love.