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#CavsRank Villains: 15-13

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Sometimes villains are easily personified as thugs, bullies, trash talkers and irritants. They’re annoying and brash, and are usually the component that makes losing that much harder to swallow. But other times, it’s not that simple. Sometimes, players’ bodies betray them or cruel twists of fate intervene to derail even the most promising playoff run. As we’ve witnessed all too often, bones can break just as easily as hearts in The ‘Land.

So, buckle up and take your Dramamine as you journey through the hazards of our next three #CavsRank Villains on the countdown…


#CavsRank Villains: 25-21

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Now that you’ve seen the bad guys who missed the cut, today begins our Cavs:The Blog’s #CavsRank Villains actual countdown. You can find the (dis)honorable mentions here. I’m joined by EG to bring you guys numbers 25-21. Some of these culprits are on here for enabling the dislocation of a certain Cavs star’s shoulder. Some because they did their part to crush the hopes and dreams of the Cavs in the playoffs. Others because they’re just jerks. One guy even made the cut for getting fat.

One thing’s for certain, it’s appropriate that famed Boston coach Red Auerbach appears in the above basketball “villain” graphic, since this section of the countdown is riddled with nauseating shades of Celtic green…



Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


If you tuned into the Cavs preseason opener against Maccabi Tel Aviv Electra (pretty sweet name…Electra) you may have noticed the Cavs dominated the boards.  I mean, completely and utterly dominated.  The final disparity was 64-36.  Varejao, Love, and Thompson all had double-digit rebounds and they had 15 offensive rebounds between them.  If a preseason game against a non-NBA opponent isn’t piquing your interest, I’ll just cut to the chase: Love, Varejao, and Thompson, are ELITE rebounders.


Trends, Ranks, and Outliers: Final Exam

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

No Cheating.  Take the Final Exam and see (honestly) how well you know the Trends, Ranks, and Outliers of our beloved wine and gold.

1.) The Cavaliers ended the season with a block differential of:

a.) -82 (or, 1 less block per game)

b.) -167

c.) -226

d.) +30 (Stop being so negative!)

2.) The Cavaliers finished last in the NBA in accumulating what basic box score stat:

a.) Blocks

b.) Forcing Turnovers

c.) Defensive Rebounds

d.) Free Throw Attempts

3.) The Cavaliers finished 1st in the NBA in differential for what basic box score stat:

a.) Turnovers (“Take what you can!  Give nothing back!”)

b.) Blocks (they see me trolling)

c.) Technical Fouls (ain’t misbehavin’)

d.) Field Goal Attempts (Keep on chuckin’)

4.) The Cavaliers’ leader(s) in technical fouls was(were):

a.) Marreese Speights and Anderson Varejao with 4 each

b.) Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, and Boobie Gibson, with 3 each

c.) Moondog with OVER 9000?!?

d.) Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Marreese Speights with 2 each

5.) Rank the following players by # of Double-Doubles in 2012-2013: Tristan Thompson, Blake Griffin, J.J. Hickson, and Greg Monroe

a.) 1 Griffin, 2 Thompson, 3 Hickson, 4 Monroe

b.) 1 Griffin, 2 Monroe, 3 Thompson, 4 Hickson

c.) 1 Hickson, 2 Monroe, 3 Thompson, 4 Griffin

d.) 1 Thompson, 2 Griffin, 3 Monroe, 4 Hickson

6.) How many players did the Cavaliers have with a PER over 15 and how does that compare with the 2008-2009 team that won 66 games.

a.) 3 Players, and thus 3 less than the 6 on the 09 team

b.) 4 Players, and only 1 less than the 5 on the 09 team

c.) 5 players, and as it turns out, 2 more than the 3 on the 09 team

d.) 6 Players, which gave them 2 more than the 4 on the 09 team

7.) Choose the correct order of these Cavaliers by number of tweets: C.J. Miles, Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Daniel Gibson, Tristan Thompson

a.) Gibson, Waiters, Irving, Miles, Thompson

b.) Irving, Gibson, Waiters, Thompson, Miles

c.) Miles, Irving, Gibson, Waiters, Thompson

d.) Waiters, Gibson, Thompson, Irving, Miles

8.) Dion Waiters shot 100 more free throws than he committed personal fouls.  (+100)  How did Tyler Zeller fare at this made up stat?

a.) +21

b.) +7

c.) 0

d.) -4

e.) -94

9.) (Of players that played more than 500 minutes) Luke Walton led the Cavaliers in a number of dichotomous statistical categories.  Which ones?

a.) First in assist rate, last in Usage%

b.) First in assist/turnover ratio, last in ORtg

c.)  First in steal rate, last in % of points coming from fast breaks

d.) All of these.

10.) Rank these Cavaliers by improved WS/48 from last season: Irving, Thompson, Varejao, Gee, Livingston, Miles.

a.) Thompson, Livingston, Varejao, Miles,  Irving, Gee

b.) Thompson, Varejao, Irving, Livingston, Miles, Gee

c.) Varejao, Thompson, Livingston, Miles, Irving, Gee

d.) Livingston, Varejao, Thompson, Irving, Miles, Gee

11.) Rank these in order of how expensive (amount/salary) they were this season:

a.) TT shots outside 15 feet

b.) Kyrie Irving All-Star Points

c.) Anderson Varejao Double-Doubles

d.) Luke Walton Free Throws

12.) Apply the following rankings (based on +/-‘s) to the below lineups: Great = +53 in 190m, Good = +13 in 153m, Good =+7 in 99m, Awful = -62 in 421m, Putrid = -66 in 185m

a.) Irving – Waiters – Gee – Thompson – Varejao

b.) Irving – Waiters – Gee – Thompson – Zeller

c.) Pargo – Waiters – Gee – Thompson – Varejao

d.) Irving – Gee – Miles – Thompson – Zeller

e.) Irving – Ellington – Gee – Thompson – Zeller

13.) Of opponent shooting splits, the Cavaliers placed in the top 6 at defending what?

a.) Field Goals

b.) Corner 3s

c.) The Paint

d.) Free Throws

14.) The Cavaliers were 4th in the NBA in point differential against this team:

a.) Thunder

b.) Heat

c.) Clippers

d.) Hawks

e.) Rockets

15.) What percentage of Shaun Livingston’s assisted baskets resulted from Luke Walton?

a.) 18%

b.) 28%

c.) 44%

d.) 63%

16.) The Cavalier players with the best Adjusted Plus Minus numbers this season were:

a.) Thompson, Irving, Varejao

b.) Jones, Livingston, Varejao

c.) Waiters, Ellington, Speights

d.) Irving, Ellington, Livingston (more…)