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Booze and Bruises

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Speakeasy – Cleveland, OH

In previous years, we ran a feature called “Brews and Bruises,” where our best writers paired a unique beer with a Cavs player or person of significance. This year we’re changing it up a bit to include the whole gamut of libations. Since we have two bartenders on our staff, it seemed only natural. Oh, and drink responsibly.

Ben Werth

Mike Miller: Absinthe. Long ago, Absinthe was the preferred drink of many the important individual. Genius lunatics like Wilde and Van Gogh enjoyed the debatable merits of the “Green Fairy” until the drink ran into some “role” issues. What exactly was in there? Did it really cause hallucinations? (more…)

Brews and Bruises: Summer Variety Pack

Friday, July 25th, 2014

The Cavs amazing off-season continues. To celebrate, we all pitched in and bought a big ole variety pack of Brews and Bruises. We just threw them all in the iced down cooler and the labels fell off, so no one could be quite sure what what beer or player they were going to get. Reach in, pop the top, sit back, and enjoy the 2014 Cavaliers Off-Season Beer Guide, and remember, drink responsibly…


Brews and Bruises – Another Year, Another Beer

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013


In the series Brews and Bruises: Life as a Drinking Cavs Fan, I’ll playfully explore the mixture of pain associated with Cavalier fandom and the glory associated with drinking.  As always, drink responsibly (and legally, ya kids!)

Another year, another reason to drown our collective sorrows in a nice, cold, tall glass of beer.  Bynum is gone, the record stinks, Kyrie and Dion wont stop fighting, Mike Brown is still Mike Brown, and Cleveland is cold.  Lets face it: times are tough.  But with the arrival of 2014, we as Cavs fans can take solace (or hope) in potential improvement.  Right?  If not, what left is there?!

While the typical sports fan would expect improvement to come through the gym; ya know, hard work, tireless effort, etc. etc., I tend to look at things a little differently.  Maybe if our boys could find their magic elixir, their perfect beer, they’d be able to find their groove.

So what should our players be drinking to get their game up?  Lets discuss: