Recap: Forget 2010. LeBron’s about 50-10(11).

Profiles In Things That are the right thing to say while also being completely transparent white lies: “I’m here to find my soulmate.” -Brett Michaels, Rock Of Love “[Sarah Palin] knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America. … And, uh, she also happens to represent, be governor of a state that’s right next to Russia.” ―John McCain on Palin’s foreign policy experience, interview…


Recap: 23 Straight At Home. LeBron wears 23. Something Witty.

Overview: Short-handed again with Sasha Pavlovic out with the flu, the Cavs were nevertheless able to get out to a commanding early lead against the Raptors, only to let them back in the game in the second half and eventually put the team away. LeBron went for 33 and got 9 threes from the combination of Wally, Mo, and Boobie. Cavs-Related Bullets: Okay, who else got caught thinking 62 when…


Recap: Go Watch The Super Bowl

Overview: In a game that absolutely nobody is paying attention to, the Cavs dealt with a Pistons team that hung tough for three quarters but were ultimately done away with by a 15-2 LeBron-less run to begin the fourth quarter and some nice plays to close out the game by LeBron, Zydrunas, and Mo. The Pistons enjoy their first four-game home losing streak in eight years.  Cavs-Related Bullets: Full disclosure:…


Recap: Home Blowouts Are More Fun When You Win Them

    Overview:     In a bizarro mirror of their game last night against the Magic, the Cavs survived an early barrage of threes from the Clippers to take control in the second half, with 20 points each from LeBron, Mo Williams, and a back-from-injury Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The Cavs’s home winning streak now stands at 22.  Cavs-Related Bullets: Full disclosure: because I live in Los Angeles, tonight’s game was…


Recap: Bleeeeech.

Overview: On the road against a tough Magic team and still without Z, the Cavaliers were able to establish a rythym early, but at about the midway point of the second quarter lost their momentum and never really grabbed hold of the reigns after that. After they put up monstrous lines against the Kings, the league’s 3rd best defense was able to hold LBJ and Mo to a combined 14-42…


Recap: Mo Williams!

MoTown! Mo Domination! Mo Better Blues! I want some Mo! Eat at Mo’s! Just say Mo! Overview: Taking advantage of a ridiculously porous Sacramento Kings defense, LeBron James’ triple-double wasn’t even close to being the line of the night as Mo Williams posted an unworldly 43/8/11 to lead the Cavs to a win in a shootout against a surprisingly feisty Kings team that hung around into the fourth quarter.  Cavs-Related…


Recap: Of Heat-Checks and Hip-Checks

Overview: In a chippy game that came down to the wire, the Cavs used a 33/14/9 night from LeBron James and 25 from Mo Williams to outlast a game Jazz team with a 24/15 from Paul Milsap and 17 points/16 assists from Deron Williams. Cavs-Related Bullets: LeBron came out of the gate swinging and made a beautiful backdoor cut for an absolutely VISCIOUS stuff on a slow-rotation Krylo Fesenko, who looks…


Recap: Cavs get hyphy, play dumb, escape with nail-biter

Overview: Against a Warrior team spurred by the return of Monta Ellis and able to break the 100-point mark against the Cavaliers’ vaunted defense, the Cavs were able to steal a win thanks  to a buzzer-beating jumper by LeBron James, the first buzzer-beating game-winning jumper of his career. Cavs-Related Bullets: Wow. Wow. Wow. That’s as high as my heart rate’s gotten all season. The cardiac Cavs are back in full…


Recap: Where You Can’t Have Everything, Especially When You’re Missing Stuff

Overview: Undermanned and outgunned, the Cavaliers were able to overcome the Blazers despite being much thineer because of the descrepancy between the Cavaliers’ and Blazers’ two best scorers. LeBron James finished with 34/7/14 and Mo Williams had a season-high 33 on only 19 field goals to allow the Cavs to hold off the Blazers, who had to suffer a combined 16-43 shooting performance from Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge.  Cavs-Related…


Recap: Well, That Went Well

SPECIAL BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT AND STUFF: Hey folks, you may have noticed that this site now has an ESPN bar on top and on the side. Or, more likely, as this site was created specifically for the launch of the TrueHoop network, you may have noticed that there’s a site attached to the NavBar and Video Player you’ve become familiar with. Welcome, all. Check our archives. Have a drink. Hang out…



Overview: Ridiculously short-handed and on a back-to-back coming off one of their worst games of the year, the Cavs “bounced back” by taking care of business against a New Orleans team that just didn’t look like they wanted to be there, never going into overdrive but controlling the entire game. Cavs-Related Bullets: -SASHWALLY DOMINATION!!!! FEED THE BEASTS! It’s about time overpaid white people caught a break. Of all the players…


Recap: LeBron Dominates Stat Sheet, D-Miles Dominates Feel-Good Vibes

Overview: With the Cavs missing their starting frontcourt duo and forced into starting Lorenzen Wright, the Cavs used lockdown defense, a barrage of three-pointers, and most of all an absolutely dominant performance from LeBron James, who posted his second triple-double of the year, to propel the Cavs to a second-half takeover and a comfortable double-digit win. Cavs-Related Bullets: -LeBron was freaking ridiculous. Tonight, we got LeBron as a requiem in…