Recap: Miami 118, Cleveland 94 (Or, An 80s Induced Haze)


I was too optimistic in my pregame prediction of the final score. The Cavs were, it appeared, suffering from an 80s induced haze caused by the Miami Heat’s throwback jerseys and court. It’s either that or the zone defense Spoelstra had the Heat in all game long. Whatever the cause, Cleveland could get absolutely nothing going all game long. Sure, there were bright spots and blips on the radar sprinkled…


Not A Recap: Grizz 95, Cavs 87 (or, U-G-L-Y… You Ain’t Got No Alibi)

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The above video is a compilation of the cheerleader routines from the 1986 film Wildcats, starring Goldie Hawn as a coach of an inner-city high school football team. The movie itself was not pretty, being widely panned by critics and audiences alike. Yet, it was still probably more watchable than last night’s game. Despite my initial best intentions, I was not able to catch this contest between the Cavs and…


Recap: Chicago 112, Cleveland 92 (or, Holiday Blues)


The Holiday Blues started at approximately 7:20 PM, December 23rd for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and included a healthy dose of Holiday Orange in the guise of Cleveland’s “City Edition” Tide Pod unis. Those duds can now be officially retired after a 25 point route in the second half to the league worst Chicago Bulls. You read that right. Cleveland led this one by five at the half, and then played…


Recap: Raptors 126, Cavs 110 (Or, Raptor Food)


Sometimes throughout the course of a season like the Cavaliers are having this year, one can surmise fairly easily how the night is going to go without having to watch the game. It’s not that one is being overly pessimistic or has a lack of hope in their team, just that they are so overmatched that it is evident that short of a miracle, the game is going to turn…


Recap: Hornets 110, Cavs 99 (Or, Getting Sandbagged)


Kemba Walker and the Hornets came out and sandbagged the Cavs tonight. Whether intentional or not, it worked. Cleveland controlled the game for the first 19 minutes and nine seconds. No more, no less. Charlotte then went on to outscore the Cavs by 16 in the second half. After scoring 41 in the first half, they scored 41 in the third quarter alone. During the first stretch of the game,…


Recap: Cavs 92, Pacers 91 (or, Tips for Winning)


This is officially getting spooky. I mean, a Tuesday win over the also rebuilding Atlanta Hawks in Cleveland was probably an even money bet, even if it was the first one of the season. A second Tuesday win, over a visiting Charlotte Hornets team? Okay, it could be chalked up to coincidence… or even the tide pod inspired City uniforms. But, a third Tuesday win… on the road… against one…


Recap: Philadelphia 128, Cleveland 105 (or, Starting to Fail)

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Cleveland ran with the Sixers for three quarters, until Philadelphia decided they’d had enough of the Cavs’ bench, and ripped off a 14-0 run in the early fourth en route to a 39-20 quarter to put a blowout on the Cavs. Philly’s starters were an order of magnitude better than Cleveland’s whose leader among the starters in plus/minus was Ante Zizic and his -16, Sexton, Hood, Osman, and Burks were…


Recap: Milwaukee 114, Cleveland 102 (or, Alphabet Soup)


The Bucks put little respect on the Cavs’ name tonight, opting to rest Khris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon, much like they rested Giannis earlier this week in Milwaukee. Cleveland overcame a putrid first quarter to almost make Milwaukee pay for it, as the wine and Gold cut the Milwaukee lead which had been as much as 17 down to just five points with three minutes remaining. Alas, there was just…


Recap: Cavs 113, Knicks 106 (Winning Plays)


This season has made Cavs fans change how they watch the game. Nothing is as it seems when the team you root for is just battling to land in the bottom of the standings in hopes of landing a high draft pick. Someone can put up forty points and it means nothing. Even a 25 point game can mean nothing. Someone on the team has to score, and you have…


Podcap: Milwaukee 108, Cleveland 92 (or, Bucked)

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As good as the Cavs looked against a semi-disinterested Wizards team just a couple days ago, they looked equally overmatched tonight against a Bucks team that was missing the Alphabet. The hot shooting that derived from open looks against Washington turned into ice cold bricks in the face of contested efforts against Milwaukee. If your name wasn’t Tristan Thompson, you had a miserable night in the starting lineup. Without Canadian…


Recap: Cleveland 116, Washington 101 (Or, Layups and Three Pointers)


When I put up the Live Thread for this game I was quite optimistic. After all, the Cavs had been less than 24 hours away from trading for one of my all-time favorite Cavaliers in Matthew Dellavedova. By now, this isn’t news. But more than the trade, I just sort of had an optimistic feeling waiting for theĀ  game to begin. And boy was I not disappointed. Not only did…


Recap: Sacramento 129, Cleveland 110 (or, the Worst)


Much like Wednesday’s battle against the Dubs, The Cavs hung with the Kings for two and a half quarters before getting blown out and outscored by 19 in the second half. The Cavs’ six man rotation wasn’t able to hold up long enough mentally and physically to hang with De’Aaron Fox and and Buddy Hield who combined for 55 on 33 shots, including going 9-13 from downtown. If not for…