Podcast Episode 176: A lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you’s…

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Well, it’s a complicated case you know… about what happens next for the Cavs. A lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you’s for LeBron James, Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman to ponder. Frankly, there’s just a lotta strands to keep in our heads, man… lotta strands like the draft… free agency… and the future of the team. Probably too many strands for the old Duder to keep straight… but maybe not…


2018 Finals Recap: Golden State 108, Cleveland 85 (Things Fall Apart)


Everything ends badly. Otherwise it wouldn’t end. Truth can from the most unlikely places. In this case, Doug Coughlin’s philosophy from the 1988 Tom Cruise “classic,” Cocktail, describes the ultimate game of the 2018 season, and the season itself. Cleveland spent the first half struggling to contain and keep pace with a Golden State team that it had spent the last 361 days preparing for, and rode a nine point…


Finals Live Thread Game 4: Cavs vs Warriors (Evolve or Die)


The Cavs already rendered the Raptors extinct, and if they don’t evolve, this incarnation of the Cavs will go the way of the dinosaurs as well. It’s true. No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit, in the NBA playoffs, let alone the finals, but that’s no reason not to try. We all thought this series was going seven games anyway. Why even play the game if it’s…


Finals Live Thread, Game 3: Cavs vs Warriors (home cookin’)


Welcome home, Cavs. I was tempted to lead with a picture of Andre Igoudala tonight, but I decided that a vision of what the Cavs are playing for ought to go up top. Make no mistake. This one’s for Cleveland. The Cavs are on the precipice of being down an impossible 0-3, and all we’ve heard about for the last few days is how inadequate this team, this region, and…


2018 Finals Live Thread: Cavs @ Warriors, Game 1


The Cavs arrived at Oracle Arena with the black duds intact, though with a few… alterations. LeBron donned the suit shorts, as did Jordan Clarkson, while most of the guys went long on the pants. On other great news, Kevin Love has passed the concussion protocol, which means he’ll be playing tonight. And if Ty Lue’s words from earlier this week are any indication, it means he’ll be starting. My…


Playoff Recap: Cleveland 109, Boston 99 (Summoning the Will)


From where does LeBron James summon it… the will to even get up for a Game Six after looking spent in Game Five? The will to defend the entire floor? The will to take and make impossible shots? The will to come back game after game after game: 376 games in Cleveland alone? Where does he find the will to prove that he is the best player in the universe…


Playoff Live Thread, ECF Game 6: Cavs vs. Celtics


The Cavs face their second elimination game of the year as they host the Celtics for Game 6. This Celtics team has been a damn site worse on the road, so the Cavs have the odds to extend the series. In addition, given the war of attrition out west, LeBron has to see that he has an opportunity to win a championship this year, which should re-energize him from his…


Playoff Recap: Cleveland 116, Boston 86 (or, “We Could be Royals…”)


The immortal words of the Bard, Dennis Green, rang true in this one: “They are who we thought they were.” But the Cavs didn’t let the Celtics off the hook. The Cavaliers mounted their steeds, lined up for a cavalry charge, trampled the Celtics front line in a 32-17 first quarter, cut through the reserves to push the lead to 20 in the second, and routed any rallies in the Third. The Leprechauns managed to…


Playoff Podcap: Boston 107, Cleveland 94 (or, Rage Quit)

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Tom Pestak rage quit on this game in the third quarter. He probably made the right decision. The Cavs, after leading 51-40 with 1:40 to go in the second, were outscored 51-29 before the 7:38 mark of the fourth to put the Celtics up 11. Cleveland cut it to six with 4:42 to play, and after a terrible foul call against LeBron, Ty Lue made his most inexplicable decision in…


Playoff Live Thread, ECF Game 2: Cavs @ Celtics


Game two isn’t a must win; it’s a “man they really ought to win” if they want to come out ahead in this series. So the Cavs look to bounce back from possibly their worst game of the season (especially given the stakes). Fortunately, the Cavs aren’t playing on Sunday afternoon, where they tend to snooze like they’re watching the third straight hour golf tournament. The Cavs plan to start…


Playoffs Live Thread, ECF Game 1: Cavs @ Celtics


Happy Mothers Day, and Welcome to the Eastern Conference Finals, Cavs fans. The Cavaliers travel to the TD Garden this afternoon, to take on the Celtics and their hungry cast of young players. The last time the Cavs took on this squad in the playoffs, Boston was without NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas, who’d been shut down because of a lingering hip issue, and the Celtics had new life because they’d…