Recap: Atlanta 133, Cleveland 111 (or, Stink-tion Level Event)


Right now, the Cavs are arguably the worst team in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks were ranked 29th in the NBA by ESPN’s preseason power poll, and despite missing a starter and two rotation players, the Cavs just gave them their first win. While the 30th ranked Kings won, the Cavaliers lost resoundingly to a team they were favored to beat by eight. To make matter worse, the Cavs rolled…


Live Thread: Cavs vs. Hawks


Seven teams remain without a win in this fledgling NBA season, and with both the Hawks and Cavs at 0-2, something’s got to give. Cleveland makes its home debut after giving up big second quarter runs to the Raptors and T-Wolves. The Hawks come in having given up 257 points to the Knicks and Grizzlies, with an average loss margin of 16.5. Leading the Hawks have been Taurean Waller-Prince who…


Recap: Minnesota 131, Cleveland 123 (Cedi’s you’s a balla’, but…)


Froggy Fresh and Moneymaker Mike here. Yeah, we’re bringing it back to 2010 for Froggy’s ode to Derrick Rose (still together!), Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, the Bulls, and most especially we’re “talkin’ bout that man, Jimmy Butler.” Now the Cav’s all ’bout to get slaughtered Cause Jimmy Butler is your father Preach, Froggy. After a nice opening seven minutes that saw the Cavs up 13-21, the Wolves outscored the Cavs 56-28…


The Aluminum Anniversary


Well folks, it’s hard to believe, but we’re about to tip off our 10th season of Cavs: the Blog, tonight. This blog was started way back in 2008-2009 when John Krolik spun up this lowly site for the ESPN TrueHoop network. The oldest post on this site was January 7, 2009, but I believe that a form of it may have existed before we went to WordPress. Regardless, it’s our…


Preseason Live Thread: Cavs @ Pistons (in Lansing)


The Cavs travel to Lansing tonight. Sorry, the Cavs travel to East Lansing (which any Spartan will tell you is not Lansing), to play the Pistons in the Jack Breslin Student Events Center on the campus of Dan Gilbert’s Alma Mater, Michigan State University. The Cavs will be missing Larry Nance, who sprained his ankle and Isiah Taylor who has a stress fracture. The Pistons will start their regular season guys…


Preseason Live Thread: Cavs vs. Celtics


It’s an Ohio sports night! With the Tribe taking on the Astros and the Buckeye battling the Hoosiers in the late afternoon, we’ll forgive you if you’re a little late tuning in to the Cavs tonight. Still, it looks to be an interest lineup with a bunch of dude’s out of the lineup. #Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said David Nwaba (tweaked groin) will not play tonight vs Celtics. Also sitting…


Podcast Episode 180: We Just Don’t Know

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This podcast started out with a fully triggered Tom Pestak ready to rant to David Wood and Nate Smith. Despite plenty to talk about in the world of basketball, the Cavs, sports, and culture, Tom’s ire was focused on a perceived slight towards CtB. This delved into a discussion of the state of Cavs’ media, and a realization that we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of CavsTheBlog this season. The topics…


Pacific Division Preview


[Welcome to the countdown to training camp and the regular season, Cavs fans! I know we’ve been a little lax here as summer has turned to fall, but good things are coming. With training camp just a couple short weeks away, we start this season off with a breakdown of the division on everyone’s minds this NBA season, the Pacific, which includes our NBA Champion, and the new Kingdom of…


The Road to Contention, Part III: LEEEROY JENKINS!


I know. This title dates me. The 2005 World of Warcraft video that documented Leeroy abandoning his guildmates and crashing headlong into the fray only to result in the slaughter of his guild, is however emblematic of the type of teambuilding the Cavs could engage in: a win now, and win at all costs mentality. This is the kind of strategy the Knicks embraced in building around ‘Melo and Amare…