Preseason Live Thread: Cavs vs Wizards


Well, no LeBron again. This time though, no Love, Smith, Wade, Rose, Crowder, Shump, or TT. Not much going on here tonight. What will be good to see is Lue work with guys who aren’t usually in the rotation, something he didn’t often employ last season. The Wiz Kids are still a good team this season. Contrasting Cleveland’s own off-season, not much changed for the Wizards this off-season. Their bench…


Northwest Division Preview


[Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of our annual six part series of division previews. If you missed the Pacific Division Preview you can check it out right over┬áhere.] Utah Jazz There was a brief two year window where I hated the Utah Jazz more than any other team in sports, including the scratch off n’at Stillers and the Ratbirds from Wireville. I would often get into ESPN comment…