ECF Not A Recap: Boston 108, Cleveland 83 (Or, The Mother’s Day Massacre)


Well, that was disappointing. I never thought I’d have to do a “Not A Recap” for a playoff game, but here we are. I just couldn’t justify putting more effort into a recap than the Cavs did into this game, taking more time away from my own Mother. On Sunday afternoon the Cleveland Cavaliers reverted back to the state they were in when the playoffs began. Unfortunately, instead of a…


An Evening with The Swoosh: Nike Celebrates LBJ’s “25 Straight” with 25 Fans.


On Friday afternoon Cavs the Blog was presented with the opportunity to shadow a fan experience put on by Nike for the upcoming release of the new LeBron Soldier I “25 Straight” edition. Yours truly was the lucky writer who got the opportunity to attend and experience the event with 25 lucky fans. And let me tell you, it was truly an experience. Nike spared no expense in making this…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs Pacers, Game 6


Well, it hasn’t been the easiest five games of LeBron’s playoff career, but tonight he has a chance to close out the Pacers in 6 games and take some much needed R and R. I say “he” rather than “they” because to this point, the King has largely ruled entirely on his own, bending the Pacers to his will and their knees and receiving little to no help along the…


Recap: Cavs 123, Knicks 109 (Or, Of Course)


Not a lot happened in this game that was unexpected. The Cavs managed to beat the New York Knicks 123 to 109. They accomplished this feet by trying, well, only sometimes. Of course this would be the outcome and everyone in the arena knew it. New York is in tank mode and Cleveland doesn’t much care about their seeding going into the playoffs. Fortunately, the Cavs did manage to get…


Recap: Miami 98, Cleveland 79 (Or, Why Bother?)


Well, the Cavaliers decidedly cannot win in Miami. No matter how good the Cavs are playing going in, the Heat arena seems to be a curse for the team. This game was no exception as the Heat managed to completely avoid the absolute tear that LeBron James has been on throughout the month of March. Miami won 98 to 79 and after averaging just about a 30 point triple double…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Heat


With only nine games to go in the regular season, the Cavs face the Miami Heat for their final showdown of the regular season. Additionally, this is a possible preview of Cleveland’s first round playoff match-up as the Eastern Conference standings are very much in flux. Kevin Love has returned and has unleashed LeBron in a way that we have yet to see in the King’s storied career. No, really,…


Recap: Cleveland 124, Milwaukee 117 (Or, The Power of Love)


With the return to Quicken Loans Arena came the long awaited return of Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers did not disappoint in this one, beating the Bucks 124 to 117. The energy the team had immediately after the trade deadline seemed be recaptured as everyone looked engaged and was playing with purpose. One of many positive things from the game is that Love had a better than expected return…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Bucks


The Cleveland Cavaliers return home from a six-game road trip which ended even at three wins and three losses. The trip was not kind to the Cavs health however, as the list of injured players continues to grow. In addition to the absence of Love and Thompson, Cleveland has added Rodney Hood (back), and Cedi Osman (hip) to the list. As of 1:00pm, Larry Nance Jr., per Sam Amico, is…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Nuggets


Well, Cleveland’s last meeting against the Denver Nuggets did not go well, to say the least. It wasn’t so much the final deficit, or even the margin between the two teams throughout the game. It was Cleveland’s complete and utter inability to show even an ounce of defensive capability. The first and second quarters saw the Nuggets score 37 and 36 respectively. That’s inexcusable. Though they managed two 31 point…


Recap: Wizards 110, Cavaliers 103 (Or, What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?)


The Cavaliers could not pull this one out as they fell to the Washington Wizards 110 to 103. And if you didn’t know the answer to the question above, as Outkast says, the Cavaliers were “Ice cold!” The team, organization, and fans may have been a little too excited about coming back from the All-Star break and it showed with brick after brick, despite an excellent first quarter. The Cavs…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Wizards


After more than a week of no NBA basketball in Cleveland, the new-look Cavaliers return to action. The last time we saw these Cavs play they just finished off a convincing four game win streak which saw them beat the T-Wolves, the Celtics, and the Thunder. The last game against OKC was a pretty thrilling and convincing test for the new team before they were forced to pump the breaks…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Thunder


A lot has changed in the few short weeks since Oklahoma laid a 148-124 embarrassing beat down on Cleveland on their own court. The Cavs have swapped out six old, tired, or useless legs for four brand new shiny pieces of what they hope is an NBA Finals roster. With the additions of Rodney Hood, George Hill, Larry Nance Jr., and Jordan Clarkson the mood has drastically shifted in The…