Not A Recap: Rockets 141, Cavs 113 (Or, A Rocket to the Face)


The Cavaliers put about as much effort into their game as I did the Live Thread for it. And it was close for all of the first four minutes of the game and that’s about it. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, the Rockets have been a bit disappointing this season but they are still in a different league than this Cleveland team. After the first four minutes, things got…


Not A Live Thread: Cavs vs Rockets (Sorry guys)


Okay, I admit that this is far too late to be a legitimate Live Thread. That is entirely my fault. This one already isn’t going well. At the start of the fourth the Cavs are down an unfortunate 36 points while the Rockets have already managed to score 117. I’ll see you all in tomorrow’s recap. Still, Go Cavs!


Recap: Miami 118, Cleveland 94 (Or, An 80s Induced Haze)


I was too optimistic in my pregame prediction of the final score. The Cavs were, it appeared, suffering from an 80s induced haze caused by the Miami Heat’s throwback jerseys and court. It’s either that or the zone defense Spoelstra had the Heat in all game long. Whatever the cause, Cleveland could get absolutely nothing going all game long. Sure, there were bright spots and blips on the radar sprinkled…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Heat (The Forgotten)


Well, when was the last time that these two teams faced off and LeBron James was not featured on the either roster? I’ll tell you. It was Tuesday, March 11th, 2003. That was almost 16 years ago. It’s a brave new world in the two cities. One not centered around the frenzy that was The Chosen One. What does that world look like? One full of injury, apparently. Cleveland is…


Recap: Raptors 126, Cavs 110 (Or, Raptor Food)


Sometimes throughout the course of a season like the Cavaliers are having this year, one can surmise fairly easily how the night is going to go without having to watch the game. It’s not that one is being overly pessimistic or has a lack of hope in their team, just that they are so overmatched that it is evident that short of a miracle, the game is going to turn…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Raptors (Welcome to Jurassic Park)


The Cleveland Cavaliers will venture into the Raptor cage for this Friday night match-up. While the Cavaliers have shown some fight throughout December, netting four wins, including one against the tough Pacers, the Raptors are a hold other beast. Though Toronto is coming off a brutal 12 game stretch, they still managed some big wins. The Raptors managed to take a chunk out of the Warriors, beating them twice in…


Recap: Cleveland 116, Washington 101 (Or, Layups and Three Pointers)


When I put up the Live Thread for this game I was quite optimistic. After all, the Cavs had been less than 24 hours away from trading for one of my all-time favorite Cavaliers in Matthew Dellavedova. By now, this isn’t news. But more than the trade, I just sort of had an optimistic feeling waiting for the  game to begin. And boy was I not disappointed. Not only did…


Live Thread: Wizards @ Cavs


Ladies and Gentlemen, Cavaliers fans everywhere, Matthew Dellavedova is in the building. Unfortunately the fan favorite guard will only be in the building and not on the bench as the trade awaits George Hill’s physical. Nonetheless, the Cavaliers will face off against the Washington Wizards. This is a winnable game if Cleveland can keep their legs through four straight quarters. Unfortunately, the Wizards are looking good the last three games…


Recap: Cavs 117, Rockets 108 (Or, Phoenix Rising)


When I wrote the Live Thread for this game I didn’t hold a whole heck of a lot of hope that it would end positively. It was the second night of a back to back. They were playing a tough Western Conference team who had been playing well lately. They had just notched their third win of the season on the previous night. I’m sure all of these were things…


Live Thread: Rockets at Cavs


The Cleveland Cavaliers are fresh off a big win against the Philadelphia 76ers for only their third victory of the season. The Cavs will now go up against another tough match-up in the Houston Rockets and will be doing so on the second night of a back to back. The last time Cleveland played on the second night of a back to back, things got, well, let’s just say ugly….


Recap: Pistons 113, Cavs 102 (Or, Making It Easy)


This game was close for all of half of the first half of the first quarter. From there, the game plummeted out of reach for Cleveland and would remain so for the rest of the game. The final score makes this one seem closer than it actually was. The Pistons shot 74% in the first quarter and Cleveland gave them countless easy baskets, making it easy for the Pistons to…


Recap: Chicago 99, Cleveland 98 (Or, At Least It’s Fun Again)


Leading up to the season most of us were pretty optimistic. With several returning players and a promising new rookie, the Cavs featured some things to be excited about. Unfortunately, pretty quickly it became apparent that the coaching staff, and Ty Lue in particular, had largely sat on their hands all summer long and failed to implement any sort of system. Then Lue got fired, the Cavs hired Larry Drew,…