From Distance: Out of Style


four point play.… 1. Over the years, I have talked a lot about Pick-Up Ball. It is how our sense of basketball is formed. It shapes our basketball aesthetic. And boy does it vary both geographically and temporally. Things be different, yo. When I was a kid, we only played with ones. There were no two-point shots, no three-point shots, and you called your own fouls. The act of drawing…


From Distance: Actual Progress


four point play…. 1. The last two weeks of Cavaliers’ basketball has certainly been far more enjoyable than the previous two. With Larry Drew at the helm, the Cavs have slowly worked out some rotation questions and, gasp, even a blurry identity. While Ty Lue simply babbled about pushing pace, Drew’s team has been for more selective in pushing the ball make or miss. The players aren’t blindly running into…


From Distance: Wine and Fool’s Gold


four point play…. 1. “Fool’s gold” isn’t called “adequate substitute for those on a budget”. We use “a poor man’s… such and such” for that situation. I bring this up because it is easy to confuse the two when evaluating players. One can say, “Jordan Clarkson is a “poor man’s Lou Williams,” or that “Collin Sexton is a poor man’s John Wall”. One could say that. One would make me…


From Distance: Zion to the Rescue


four point play…. 1. For the first time since 2014, I find myself interested in college basketball. To be more specific, Duke basketball. Shocking, I know. With the 2018-2019 Cleveland Cavaliers already living their best tanktastic life, pardon me for checking in on potential Cavs of the future. Unlike Steve Kerr, I am allowed to refer to the kid by name. Yes, that 285 pound freshman, Zion Williamson, is rightfully…


From Distance: Watching the Unwatchable


  four point play…. 1.¬†The Cavaliers have been particularly difficult to watch thus far. It’s not as though the previous two regular seasons were a joy. LeBron played with little to no effort on the defensive end. Rotations varied from “huh?” to “you gotta be kidding me”. The offense cratered anytime James wasn’t on the court and the defense bled points regardless. It was frustrating to watch a team play…


From Distance: Lasting First Impressions


four point play…. 1. With Game 1 of the 2018-2019 NBA season in the books, it is time to make some sweeping conclusions. The Cavs will not make the Playoffs. -assertion confidence¬† 70% This is somewhat of a 180 for me. I’m not sold and the 30% could grow considerably if Koby Altman is able to pull off a deal that would send Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and Jordan Clarkson…


From Distance: Free To Be Me


four point play…. 1. Picking a team for pickup basketball is a science. There is that specific balance between getting to run all day and having to wait three or four games for another shot. One can’t be overly sentimental if one wants to own the court for the day. “Sorry Steve. We already have five.” Meanwhile, your fifth is actually whichever scorer that happens to lose the current game….


From Distance: Skills Rule the Day


four point play…. 1. Cleveland may not be the city of champions quite yet, but the Browns’ first victory since the Obama administration has certainly given Northeast Ohio a pleasant jolt of confidence. Baker Mayfield made his shortly awaited NFL debut after Tyrod Taylor left the game with concussion like symptons. Baker promptly did exaclty what Browns fans hoped he would. He hit receivers with pinpoint passes while marching the…


From Distance: Face and Fashion of the Franchise


four point play…. 1. Kevin Love has matured into a handsome man. Most NBA bigmen weren’t exactly lookers when they were 15, but Kevin Love’s transformation is rather comical. I’m happy for the big fella, or shall I say the svelte fella. I frequently go back in time and tell my 14 year-old self that everything will be okay. You won’t always be so chubby, but enjoy that hair now,…


From Distance: In a Roundabout Way


four point play…. 1. Tunisia loves its roundabouts. Like much of the non-US world, Tunisia eschews the American style four way stop in favor of the occasionally frustrating wheel of driving “fun”. While engineers have focused on overall rule clarity, volume, and safety when comparing the two systems, it seems one crucial point has been lacking in their data input. Smart Phone use! I know, I know. One shouldn’t text…


From Distance: Back in Orange and Brown


four point play.… 1. I didn’t watch the last 13 games of the Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season. Somewhere between the concussion saga, non-guaranteed NFL contracts, reactions to Colin Kaepernick, and the general sucktitude of Cleveland’s squad, I made the executive decision to stop watching my beloved Brownies. It felt strange. This was a team that I had watched, no matter what, for decades. When I first moved from Ohio to…