From Distance: Cedi Bores and Other Things


  four point play…. 1. I was looking forward to praising Cedi Osman’s MVP performance in the Rising Stars Game at All-Star Weekend. I even pushed back the column in order to allot the proper amount of time and enthusiasm for Cedi’s fantastic play. Alas, Cedi was rather terrible, only seriously competing for LVP. Obviously, a Rising Stars Game doesn’t mean anything for Osman’s professional career. The game is even more…


From Distance: Grit Goes North


Well, that was fun? Jonathan Simmons, a 2020 Thunder first round pick, and future second rounder. That was what the price for the 2017 number one overall pick, Markelle Fultz. What an abject disaster.


From Distance: Dallas Joins the EU


four point play…. 1. The NBA has given me much to be happy about over the last week. The Cavs have played passable ball on both ends of the floor winning the last two, Cedi Osman has finally connected his brain to his skill-set for an extended period of time, Matthew Dellavedova was mic’ed up (that’s all I have on that, that’s just fun), and the New York Knicks traded…


From Distance: Think Outside the Algorithm


four point play…. 1. Poor Victor Oladipo and his torn quad tendon just inadvertently made it even tougher for a team from the Western Conference to win the championship. Though we all know the Warriors are the heavy favorites, there is a high likelihood that every round in the Western Conference Playoffs will be a bloodbath. Depending on seeding match-ups, the Warriors trip to win the Finals could feature obstacles…


Recap: Blazers 129, Cavs 112 (or, Subtly Nurked)


With the Cavs coming off a long winning streak of one, and the Blazers suffering through an interminable losing streak of two, something was bound to break. Let’s get to it. 1st Quarter: The Cavaliers opened the contest with a starting lineup of Tristan Thompson, Cedi Osman, Rodney Hood, Alec Burks and Collin Sexton. As is their custom, the Cavs’ first play fed Rodney Hood the rock off of Pick…


From Distance: The Spurs and Thunder Break Brains


four point play…. 1. Every week, before sitting down to write, I do a last minute NBA news check to see if anything interesting has happened the night before. The answer this week? Yep! When I clicked over to League Pass, I saw a final score of 154-147 in favor of the San Antonio Spurs over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Excuse me, what?! I closed my writing tab and watched the…


From Distance: Twins?


four point play…. 1. The Cavs now have a season long losing streak of seven games. Honestly, it feels much shorter than that. I guess compared to the joy that was the Cavs’ 26 game losing streak in Post LeBron Volume 1, this little seven game skirt is nothing but a minor setback. Let’s be honest. The Cleveland fan base has more than enough training to get through a single…


From Distance: Looking for Fun


four point play…. 1. I’m not going to lie, Cavs fans. This season has been rather difficult for me. It’s not as though I have been sinking into a permanent state of basketball depression as much as it has been a boring march towards apathy. Knowing full well that a tanktacular season could have been in store, I tried to prepare myself for the upcoming doom. Like many people, I did…


From Distance: A Sip of Delly


four point play…. 1. Oh Delly, how I have missed you. During a season full of poor defensive rotations, ball hogging chucktitude, and generally ill-advised play, your return has been like a sip of Gatorade in the desert. I know I’m thirsty and any hint of liquid would sooth my cracked lips, but sweet baby basketball, are those electrolytes?!  Watching Mathew Dellavedova play basketball after almost a full season of…


From Distance: Out of Style


four point play.… 1. Over the years, I have talked a lot about Pick-Up Ball. It is how our sense of basketball is formed. It shapes our basketball aesthetic. And boy does it vary both geographically and temporally. Things be different, yo. When I was a kid, we only played with ones. There were no two-point shots, no three-point shots, and you called your own fouls. The act of drawing…


From Distance: Actual Progress


four point play…. 1. The last two weeks of Cavaliers’ basketball has certainly been far more enjoyable than the previous two. With Larry Drew at the helm, the Cavs have slowly worked out some rotation questions and, gasp, even a blurry identity. While Ty Lue simply babbled about pushing pace, Drew’s team has been for more selective in pushing the ball make or miss. The players aren’t blindly running into…


From Distance: Wine and Fool’s Gold


four point play…. 1. “Fool’s gold” isn’t called “adequate substitute for those on a budget”. We use “a poor man’s… such and such” for that situation. I bring this up because it is easy to confuse the two when evaluating players. One can say, “Jordan Clarkson is a “poor man’s Lou Williams,” or that “Collin Sexton is a poor man’s John Wall”. One could say that. One would make me…