From Distance: Big Sigh…


four point play…. 1. Recently, I was told that a sigh is a literal reset of one’s emotional state. I’ve been doing a lot of sighing lately when thinking about basketball and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here we are again. The Cavs are down 0-3 to a team that, despite popular opinion, is not drastically more talented than they are. No, they are down to a Warriors team that is only far…


From Distance: Witness…Game One Had 47 Other Minutes


four point play…. 1. The downsides of living in Germany are laughably few. Still, one disadvantage has thankfully visited me every June for the last four years. Let us just say watching live NBA Finals games from 3am to 6am is not the best way to have a productive work day. I was set to go all LeBron “zero dark thirty” and simply not watch the contest until the following…


From Distance: Fantasy Lands


four point play…. 1. Last week, I challenged Ty Lue to prove his basketball acumen to be something other than that of a common fan. I introduced him to a talented young player who, to that point, had been rotting on the Cavs’ bench. Much to our delight, Lue finally got my memo and started both Cedi Osman and Kyle Korver. The move has helped to lead the Cavs to three…


From Distance: An Introduction


four point play…. 1. A few years from now, we will look back at the 2018 playoffs as the beginning of the Jayson Tatum era. The 20 year-old already plays with a pace and technical skill that far exceeds his years. Like Dwyane Wade in the 2004 Playoffs, Tatum is showing a superstar level talent that only needs some time to marinate. It’s easy to look at this Celtics team…


From Distance: Different Man, Different Time


four point play…. 1. I recently started a gig in a small town near(ish) Leipzig, Germany. Really, this town is about two hours from everywhere, deep in the heart of what used to be East Germany. Rehearsals began on a Wednesday. Thankfully, I wasn’t called for the Saturday rehearsal, so I took that opportunity to head back to my home in Berlin for the weekend. My friend joked about how…


From Distance: Casey Needs a New Plan


four point play… special weekend edition  1. Kenny Smith might have been the only guy on TNT’s post game coverage that understood the Raptor’s primary problem. While Chuck and Shaq were busy either being disappointed in the Raptors’ players or marveling (properly) at the brilliance of LeBron, Kenny pointed out the main reason the Raptors are losing. They have refused to double-team. While I totally agree that hard-trapping one of…


From Distance: I’m Getting Annoyed


four point play…. 1. Two weeks of playoff basketball has already taken a bit of life out of the average NBA junkie. An occasional weekend binge, and/or the joy of daily basketball intake is certainly a lovely way to “live one’s best life”. Four games in one night, however, are simply too overwhelming to properly enjoy. I gotta admit, it’s made me a bit basketball salty. It’s a shame really,…


From Distance: A Week of Playoff Fun!


four point play…. The first week of playoff basketball has given us more than enough basketball to discuss without my usual connective social commentary. Pragmatism wins the day. To the prologue I say, The End. Let’s start with what I have gotten right(ish) so far. 1. The New Orleans Pelicans have a better playoff backcourt than the Portland Trailblazers. While I didn’t see the Pels winning the first two games of…


From Distance: Awesome Endings


four point play…. 1. In 1989, “NBA Awesome Endings” was somehow delivered to my childhood home in Mentor, Ohio. I’m not sure whether it was a special gift for having renewed Sports Illustrated, or whether my mother had ordered it for me on a whim. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the former. SI did a great job of roping people into subscriptions during that era. Ya know, that, and my parents weren’t much…


From Distance: Breaking Faces and Rotations


Four point play…. 1. While I, like most NBA fans, am incredibly disappointed that Joel Embiid is out for the next two to four weeks due to an orbital fracture, there is a level of dark humor to be enjoyed. Poor Markelle Fultz has been the target of much scrutiny during his strange rookie campaign. His case of “the yips“, brought on by his mystical shoulder injury combined with Jayson…


From Distance: Witnessing Evolution


Four point play…. 1. Caeleb Dressel just reminded every retired athlete that the new generation is far superior to theirs. Of course, most old heads won’t really bother to internalize that fact. They will go on and on about work ethic or grit, or any number of things that have nothing to do with numbers. It’s much easier for an old timer to frame these conversations in a beneficial manner…


From Distance: Kyle’s Play


Four point play…. 1. Well, I didn’t realize that was on the table. Tyronn Lue “just felt like” surprising J.R. Smith via text message before the Cavaliers continued their road trip against the Phoenix Suns. Welcome to the bench, Earl! Okay, I doubt those were Coach Lue’s exact words, but they might as well have been considering the timing of the move. After two losses in L.A., the Suns contest(I…