From Distance: Face and Fashion of the Franchise


four point play…. 1. Kevin Love has matured into a handsome man. Most NBA bigmen weren’t exactly lookers when they were 15, but Kevin Love’s transformation is rather comical. I’m happy for the big fella, or shall I say the svelte fella. I frequently go back in time and tell my 14 year-old self that everything will be okay. You won’t always be so chubby, but enjoy that hair now,…


From Distance: In a Roundabout Way


four point play…. 1. Tunisia loves its roundabouts. Like much of the non-US world, Tunisia eschews the American style four way stop in favor of the occasionally frustrating wheel of driving “fun”. While engineers have focused on overall rule clarity, volume, and safety when comparing the two systems, it seems one crucial point has been lacking in their data input. Smart Phone use! I know, I know. One shouldn’t text…


From Distance: Back in Orange and Brown


four point play.… 1. I didn’t watch the last 13 games of the Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season. Somewhere between the concussion saga, non-guaranteed NFL contracts, reactions to Colin Kaepernick, and the general sucktitude of Cleveland’s squad, I made the executive decision to stop watching my beloved Brownies. It felt strange. This was a team that I had watched, no matter what, for decades. When I first moved from Ohio to…


From Distance: Spoiler Alert, Mr. Durant


one point play. Note: this week, I write to Kevin Durant in wake of yet another little podcast controversy regarding Durant’s decision to join the Warriors.   Dear Kevin Durant, People watch basketball because it is entertaining. The NBA’s entertainment value is what garnered you your millions. Don’t get me wrong. You have earned your contracts with outstanding play. In the NBA ecosystem, your contract is well-deserved, as you are an…


From Distance: Kyle Be Gone?


four point play…. 1. Are the Cavaliers going to compete for the 2019 playoffs, or will Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman do their best to subtly keep their Top 10 protected first round pick? The more I have thought about it over the summer, the more I have quietly hoped that the Cavs would grit, grind, and shoot their way to an 8th seed. A lineup featuring George Hill, Cedi…


From Distance: Luka Say What Now?

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four point play…. 1. In today’s vlog, my head explodes over the possibility that Luka Doncic could have been a Cav. 2. I contrast Collin Sexton’s defensive ceiling to Luka Doncic’s underrated athleticism, and talk about some technical skills they need to acquire. 3. I go on record saying Doncic will be a superstar and toss out some Sexton comps based on what we have seen so far. 4. At minute 15, (for the love…


From Distance: Los Angeles Cavs


  four point play…. 1. When one makes bold predictions, one will occasionally be required to down some tasty crow. Last week, I whiffed badly on two substantial predictions: LeBron would stay, and PG13 would be a Laker. Oops. It happens. I know I’m not alone with those particular stances. As more information comes out post Decision 3.0, it’s easy to retroactively see all the “writing on the wall.” It’s…


From Distance: Cavs: The Vlog, Prediction Time

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four point play…. 1. I babble some more in these last few days of NBA Indecision 2018. Here are my bold predictions. Check out the video for my “reasons”. 2. Paul George signs a “one and one” contract with the Lakers. 3. Kawhi Leonard will not be traded to the Lakers this week, and probably not at all. 4. LeBron James stays and signs a max contract with the Cavs. (note: in the time…


From Distance: Buzz-kill Alert


four point play…. 1. After watching dispirited regular season game after dispirited game over the course of the 2017-2018 NBA season, it is of little surprise that Koby Altman selected a young guard with maniacal energy. The Cavs number eight pick, Collin Sexton, doesn’t take plays off, bounces around with heart, and doesn’t back down even when his team has no real shot to win. I won’t even bother linking…


From Distance: Cavs: the Vlog

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four point play…. 1. After giving writing the ole college try, I resorted to the one man booth. It went, er, well, it went. Hey YouTube, why won’t you let me select a better thumbnail than that when I’m editing on my phone? And why won’t you let me edit out that part where I literally say, “this isn’t good”. Man. My first crack at a video “From Distance” could be my…


From Distance: Big Sigh…


four point play…. 1. Recently, I was told that a sigh is a literal reset of one’s emotional state. I’ve been doing a lot of sighing lately when thinking about basketball and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here we are again. The Cavs are down 0-3 to a team that, despite popular opinion, is not drastically more talented than they are. No, they are down to a Warriors team that is only far…


From Distance: Witness…Game One Had 47 Other Minutes


four point play…. 1. The downsides of living in Germany are laughably few. Still, one disadvantage has thankfully visited me every June for the last four years. Let us just say watching live NBA Finals games from 3am to 6am is not the best way to have a productive work day. I was set to go all LeBron “zero dark thirty” and simply not watch the contest until the following…