Live Thread: Cavs @ Wizards


The Cavs finally grabbed a second win last night against the Hornets, a team that previously blew them out. Today, they face off against a struggling Washington Wizards team who are just 4-9 this season and facing even more turmoil than the Cavs, as the general news around their organization ranges from the players disliking each other to full on hating each other. The Wine and Gold have a chance…


Recap: Orlando 102, Cleveland 100 (The Vets Showed Up and The Refs Backed Off)


The Cavs fought back tonight only to lose to an Evan Fournier last second shot. After being down 11 at halftime, Cleveland held the Magic to just 12 points in the third while scoring 32 themselves behind what seemed like 8,000 Tristan Thompson screens. Cleveland entered the fourth with a nine point lead and all the momentum in the world. A twenty point swing will do that. For most of…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Magic


The Cavs need a bounce bag win after the drubbing Charlotte handed them and news that the vets think Collin Sexton doesn’t know how to play and that the front office backed out of a handshake deal to trade Kyle Korver if LeBron James left over the summer. Thankfully, the Magic are on a back to back, although they did get the win against the Spurs on Sunday, and are only…


The Wood Shop: Nance, Nance, Revolution


The Cavs are facing some turmoil. On Sunday morning, the front office canned Tyronn Lue. The rumored reason revolved around Lue preferring to play veteran guys like Kyle Korver over younger players with unknown upside. This team is only going to get more difficult to watch as interim Coach Larry Drew plays the young guys. I’m watching this team no matter the record, so I’d prefer not to fall into…


Recap: Detroit 110, Cavs 103 (Or, Enough Too Late)


In 2003, the great deceased American Rap-Rock singer of Lincoln Park, Chester Bennington, sang in a chorus, “I tried so hard and got so far/but in the end, it doesn’t even matter/ I had to fall, to lose it all/ but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.” I’m bringing up this song for a variety of reasons. For one, most people know this song and have secretly enjoyed it,…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Detroit (The Love Thread)


After a loss to the Nets less than 24 hours ago, the Cavs are on the road to take on Detroit. So far this season the Cavs have fallen short of getting a win.  They currently rank 30th in the league in 3-pointers made with just seven a game. They are 29th in the league for 3-pointers made by opponents per game with 15.0. They’re allowing 120.5 points a night…


Atlantic Division Preview


Editor’s Note: This is the fifth installment of our annual six part series of division previews. If you missed you the Pacific Division , the Northwest Division, Southwest Division, or Southeast Division previews, click away on the links provided above.] Toronto Raptors Additions: Danny Green (trade with Spurs), Kawhi Leonard (trade with Spurs), Greg Monroe (free agent), Kay Felder (free agent) Subtractions: DeMar DeRozan (traded to Spurs), Alfonzo McKinnie(waived), Jakob Poeltl (traded to Spurs) Outlook: The way…


Summer League Live Thread: Cavs Vs Kings


The biggest tournament of the summer for people that don’t like kicking balls starts today in Las Vegas. That’s right, it’s the NBA Summer League tournament. Afrer playing three games to be seeded, the Cavaliers earned the eighth seed with a 2-1 record. They’re up against the Kings, who snagged the 24th seed. Cleveland’s team has played fairly well and has a chance to win the whole thing if Cedi…


Zhaire Smith: Zhaire Who?


I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t watch college basketball. Over the past couple of years, there has been no need to. The Cavs haven’t had a meaningful draft pick since they traded away Andrew Wiggins in 2014. Fortunately, the world loves me and my first draft feature is on Zhaire Smith. I don’t live under a rock, I know some of the big names like Mo Bamba, Colin…


The Wood Shop: Hill’s Solid Defense and LeBron, Stopping the Heat, and The Korver Question


I know people have gone over game 2 of the Finals to the point of exhaustion already, but it’s fun to relive the good and the bad. It’s gonna be therapeutic, and if Tyronn Lue doesn’t at least try to notice and change some of the things I’m bringing up, you can hold it against him. Defensive Darling and James George Hill‘s defense on big men in game one was…


Finals Podcap: Warriors 122, Cavs 103 (Or, Screaming Irrationally at the TV)

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After two disheartening losses to the Warriors, I’m almost left speechless. That didn’t stop me from hopping into the podcast booth with Nate Smith though to try and make sense of what’s happening right now. The Warriors picked up another win tonight. Kevin Durant grabbed a super efficient 26 points on 10-14 shooting while Stephen Curry hit a Finals record nine 3s to put up 33. Throughout the night, the…


Finals Live Thread: Cavs @ Warriors, Game 2


The Cavs are back in Oracle Arena after a very controversial game one loss. That game will down in history and may even be what people remember about the 2018 Finals, regardless of who the victor is. For many Cavs fans, it will be the game that LeBron James took a charge, that was called on the floor, from Kevin Durant while standing a very reasonable distant from the cylinder….