Kyrie’s Defense is Offensive. Part I

Note: due to the number of pictures in this post, I’ve broken it into two parts. So now that we’ve all had a day to process last night’s debacle, a loss in which the Nets shot %54.5, with only 13 turnovers, and outrebounded the Cavs 39 to 35, it’s worth looking at the defense.  It’s an understatement to say that the Cavs have been bad on defense so far this…


Recap: Phoenix 107, Cleveland 105 (Or playing the part of Luke Walton last night was non other than C. Miles)

26 points…  That’s a big lead to blow.  Blowing a lead that big turns what should’ve been a success into a failure. The First Half of this game was a revelation: a clinic on what the Cavs can do when they’re engaged on offense and defense and their shots are falling.  Kyrie directed a symphony of layups.  Daniel Gibson was shooting like it was 1997.  Alonzo Gee was posting up,…


Recap: Cleveland 86, Chicago 115 (or Luke Walton is not an NBA power forward)

You can’t really blame the Cavs.  The Wizards were so bad on Tuesday that I’m sure the game just felt like another preseason game.  So the carryover from that game to this had to lull the Wine and Gold into a false sense of security.  Hey, Byron Scott even coached like it was preseason, once again playing Luke Walton at power forward for a particularly brutal 4 minutes that left…


Thoughts on James Harden: Part I: The Collective (the part that doesn’t really talk about James Harden)

CavsTheBlog is a collective: a hive mind of disparate thinkers: literary scholars, technicians, high school students, college dropouts, fanboys, video gamers, drinkers, tea-totallers, wizards, trolls, engineers, saints, sinners, idiots, and savants coalescing into a chorus of the blog: readers, writers, editors, commenters — oh,  the glory of the feedback loop. Ruminating in the guts of the collective is the current crisis of our favorite intellectual opiate: are we (the collective…


Bonus Coverage: CtB Conversation on the Season Tipoff Game

It’s been a stormy few days here at CtB.  Sandy has thrown a lot of our schedule into chaos, so last night’s tip-off game was definitely a port in a storm.  As you may or may not know, Mallory Factor is our resident New Yorker, and in exceptional times like these, it seems a little trivial to be caring about something as dumb as sports.  But sport, ingrained into American…


Not a Recap: Cleveland 82, Indiana 100

So due to unforeseen circumstances and no options to actually watch the game on the moving picture box last night, we’ll not be posting a recap.  Here’s the ESPN recap and box score. I think they cared about as much as we did. has some video highlights, which include a couple monster slams from Gee.  Michael Curry at had a good running thoughts thread of the game.  It…


Bubble Watch: Cavs Roster Decisions Loom

With one preseason game to go, the current Cavs roster stands at 17 players.  With an NBA roster limit of 15 players, 2 players are not going to make the team.  To complicate matters, teams often don’t like to keep more than 13 or 14 players for flexibility, payroll reasons, and because only 12 players can dress for a game.  While it is true that the Cavs can assign 2…


Recap: Philadelphia 113 , Cleveland 99 (Or Kyrie channels the ghost of Mike Bibby as his defensive spirit guide)

Preface Another running diary style recap tonight.  It’s the only way to do preseason because I want to wipe the game from my mind as soon as it’s done.  Also, the flow difference makes it so that it’s more of a scouting report/first reaction than a real game. New Cav’s sideline reporter, Allie Clifton is wearing what can only be described as a cross between a flight attendant suit, Arby’s…


Recap: Bulls 83, Cavs 86 (Or St. Weirdo absolves preseason of its drudgery)

Preface: I spent an hour trying to figure out how to get this game in Ohio.  Watched the Pistons play the Raptors on NBA Network while I was searching, and checked out a bevy of would be Cavs draft picks.  Impressions: Valanciunas is is a foul machine, but he is agressive, and has broad shoulders, a nice upper body and is aggressive on both ends of the floor.  Brandon Knight…


Recap: Cavs 80, Bucks 97 (Or Cavalier first looks in the home of the Charge)

So the Cavs played their first televised game of the season… In the Hall of Fame City. The city of Canton acquitted itself well with a near sellout in pre-season, and it was a beautiful 60 degree fall evening in the hometown of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ D-League affiliate, The Canton Charge.  I took my daughter to her first Cavs game.  Jackson High School’s Jacks and Jills choir sang the national…


Ten Things to Like About…Byron Scott

“Camp Scott” opens today, complete with the notorious trash cans for players to chunder into between laps if they show up out of shape. With an extension rumored to be in the works, it’s as good a time as any to look at why Scott appears to be the right guy to develop the Cavs now, and win with them in the future. You have to respect a coach who…