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Introducing #CavsRank… Villains!

Monday, August 24th, 2015

The Joker, Hans Gruber, the Wicked Witch of the West, Voldemort, Emperor Palpatine, Ivan Drago, Hal 9000, Michael Corleone, Shredder, Iago, Cruella de Vil… Often, we remember a great villain more than we remember a great hero. For every Indiana Jones, there’s a Mola Ram. We Cavs fans have our own villains that have ripped our beating CavsHearts from our chests.  To discover them, we polled our crack staff to discover who and what we all still have nightmares about, and in the course of the next week or so, we’ll be counting down the biggest villains in Cavs history. (Big props to the commentariat’s TV63 who suggested the idea).

First up? Our (dis)honorable mentions, many of whom are just as memorable as the guys at the top. “Kali Ma!” indeed.

Charles Barkley

(By Nate Smith)  Sir Charles was a protagonist on a rough-and-tumble 76ers team that bounced the Cavs from the playoffs in 1990. Not only did the round mound level Craig Ehlo with a vicious foul in that series, but the Chuckster also averaged 25.6 points and 14 boards.


Booze and Bruises

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Speakeasy – Cleveland, OH

In previous years, we ran a feature called “Brews and Bruises,” where our best writers paired a unique beer with a Cavs player or person of significance. This year we’re changing it up a bit to include the whole gamut of libations. Since we have two bartenders on our staff, it seemed only natural. Oh, and drink responsibly.

Ben Werth

Mike Miller: Absinthe. Long ago, Absinthe was the preferred drink of many the important individual. Genius lunatics like Wilde and Van Gogh enjoyed the debatable merits of the “Green Fairy” until the drink ran into some “role” issues. What exactly was in there? Did it really cause hallucinations? (more…)

Cavs Trade Mike Miller and Brendan Haywood

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Late last night, Adrian Wojnarowski broke the story that the Mike Miller and Brendan Haywood are being traded to Portland for a pair of trade exceptions. Cleveland will receive a $10.6 million dollar exception for Haywood, and a $2.96 million dollar exception for Mike Miller. In addition Portland will receive the better of Cleveland’s two 2019 second round picks, and a 2020 second round pick. Many expect Miller to seek a buyout and look to play for a contender. The fact that Portland reportedly sent cash to the Cavs makes this seem strange to me (cash is often conveyed to cover the cost of a buyout). For any of you wondering if Miller could join the Cavs à la Zydrunas Ilgauskus, the NBA closed that loophole. Miller has to wait one year before signing with Cleveland.

What does this mean for The Cavs? (more…)

Breaking: Cavaliers Sign Richard Jefferson

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

So the Cavs signed six-foot-seven, 35 year-old Richard Jefferson who played in Dallas last year. Jefferson signed for the veteran minimum, so will count about $947,000 against Cleveland’s salary cap.  Despite some naysaying opinions, if Jefferson plays as well as he did last season, he can be a solid bench contributor for the Cavs. Jefferson’s numbers are better than fellow old guys, Tayshaun, Caron, and Rasual Butler, and while Jefferson may be 35, he wasn’t terrible on the defensive end last year.


Random Thoughts: Dog Days

Friday, July 17th, 2015

The Cavs are in a strange position with Tristan Thompson and Matthew Dellavedova. Cleveland’s playing the free agency game in a year where few other teams are being frugal with their restricted free agents. Instead, teams are throwing money around like Jolly Ranchers at a Fourth of July parade. Cavs are treating TT and Delly like it’s 2014. It’s not. It’s hard to ask those guys to lower Citizen Sans’ luxury tax bill when J.J. Barea, the star of Little People, Big World, just signed a $16 million deal.


Podcast Episode 73: Free Agency 2015, the Summer of Money

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

While waiting for the Cavs to sign Tristan Thompson, Robert, Tom, and I hopped in the podcast booth to discuss the negotiations, Mo Gotti, the Haywood deal, Gerald Green’s missing finger, and the offseasons of the Cavs’ Eastern Conference rivals. Also, Tom rants on Reggie Jackson’s $80 million dollar contract. Enjoy.

You can listen above, on soundcloud, or on iTunes.

Your Comprehensive 2015 Cavs Free Agency Guide

Monday, June 29th, 2015


Well, Jensen Karp blew up Twitter last night when he tweeted a get-together pic between KLove and the King (pic edited). I guess that’s as good a way as any to kick off the madness that will be the 2015 NBA free agency period. So, release the NBA suits! In less than 48 hours, teams can start recruiting free agents (12 AM EST, July 1st). Of course, any free agency talk for Cleveland starts with the fact that LeBron James has officially opted out of his contract and is now a free agent. Of course, everyone expects the King to re-sign with the Cavs, and the official line is that he is taking a “wait and see” approach with regards to the Cavs and free agency. Windy reports.

Last week, Cavs general manager David Griffin said the team had been in regular contact with James since the end of the Finals and that he was “very engaged” in discussions about the roster. Sources told ESPN, however, it is James’ intention to stay somewhat removed from the Cavs’ free agency until other free agents are handled.

Translation? James’ cap hold of $21.6 million is less than the free agent contract he will sign later this summer, of about $23 million dollars. But, for maximum flexibility, it may help the Cavs to “officially” sign him last of all. In light of this, let’s take a look at the Cavs options in free agency, both with their own free agents, and prospective ones.


C:tB Mock Draft 2015!

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Cavs: The Blog NBA Mock Draft!

This year, in addition to some of the regular C:tB bloggers, we invited a few draft-savvy commenters to help out with the mocking festivities. So, joining me, David Wood, Cory Hughey, Ben Werth and EvilGenius are guest mockers: Robert (AKA DellaveYoda), Christopher (AKA CLF), Ross (Gumdrop) and Carson (AKA cwzagger). Using a snake draft format, we randomly represented each of the 30 NBA teams (plus an additional second round mock choice for the Cavs and one crazy mock trade from round 1).

And the results just might surprise you…


Podcast Episode 72: Finals Post Mortem, Draft, and Free Agency

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


Well, we finally broke up our ridiculous podcasts into two ridiculous podcasts. This episode,  EvilGenius, David Wood, and I give the finals post mortem, discuss the draft, make a free agency wish list, pitch a J.R. Smith/Nick Young sitcom, question Kevin Love’s motives (and then totally realize he’s staying).  Oh and we spend far too much time contemplating why there’s a woolly bear crawling across Colin Farrell’s lip on this season of True Detective.

You can hear us on the links above, on SoundCloud, or on iTunes.

Grading the Haywood Trade Options

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015


Friday, we discussed the ins and outs of the Brendan Haywood contract and the assets it could garner. “It’s Gold,” I noted, as the team which receives Haywood can immediately waive him for no money, or even trade him again to a team with cap room to receive a sizable exception (who can then waive him or trade him again). Haywood’s contract is going to get passed like a giant tub of popcorn at an Inside Out matinee.

As we discovered yesterday, the Cavs cannot receive players back in any sign-and-trade deals because they are over the luxury tax apron. This means the Cavs have four options with regards to Haywood.

  1. Release Haywood to save Dan Gilbert at least $30 million in payroll and luxury tax payments.
  2. Trade Haywood for a $10,522,500 trade exception to be used at some point later in 2015-2016. This gives Cleveland much less flex flexibility than does trading Haywood this summer when his contract can be combined with other players’ and they can take back up to $13.25 million in salaries with Haywood’s contract alone.
  3. Hold on to Haywood and trade him sometime after Dec. 15th, when players signed during the summer of 2015 can be traded. This is the option I’m sure Haywood would enjoy, as he’d be payed around a third of his $10 million contract.
  4. Trade Brendan Haywood for a player or players currently under contract. Those players have to have salaries totaling approximately $7-$13.25 million dollars. Also, the Cavs only have this year’s first round pick, a bunch of future second rounders, and a 2018 first rounder to bargain with. Ted Stepien, eat your heart out.

So lets explore some possibilities for option four, with our standard CtB grading system. Please note that salaries are approximate and based on this year’s salaries, which could be slightly different from next season’s.